More than just useful for beautiful bouquets and impressive crystal collections, natural elements from the earth can be used to help enhance your beauty routines, too.  

In fact, rose is in just about every step of my beauty routine now. I use rose foam face wash in the mornings, rose-infused witch hazel to tone, rose water to set my makeup and rose cleansing wipes to remove it. It's no secret that rose is an extraordinary anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant. Rose offers a complex array of vitamins and minerals, is great for quenching dry skin and offers astringent properties that help battle acne, redness and inflammation.  

So when I learned I could use my rose quartz for a high-vibe facial which would promote inner and outer beauty, I wasted no time bringing a small pot of spring water to a piping hot temperature. 

Much like roses, rose quartz crystals live up to their name. They are associated with unconditional love and care, healing and the heart center. Rose quartz, on a spiritual level, promotes a deeper self-love and compassion for others. On a physical level, it soothes the skin and creates a clearer complexion while contributing to good circulatory and heart health.

To test this theory, I sat my rose quartz in a glass bowl with hot water. To elevate my facial even more, I added rose petals, herbs and essential oils. I placed a towel over my head and allowed the steam to unclog my pores while my skin was infused with herbal essences. The steam was wonderful for my skin and pores, while adding the gemstone to the water created a facial highly charged with the crystal's metaphysical properties. 

Generally, the beauty of working with crystals is that they affect both our internal wellness and our external well-being. In this instance, the crystal worked to cleanse and clear my skin, gently remove impurities and support my skin's regeneration. 

I've made a habit of barricading myself in my tub surrounded by crystals for hours. However, steaming my face with crystal-infused water is a quick and easy way to get that relaxing and illuminating experience in a fraction of the time.

It has been documented that the Ancient Egyptians used rose quartz in beauty rituals to preserve their youth. After trying the rose quartz facial steam for myself, I can imagine how the Egyptians must've felt carrying out such a beauty ritual, skin glistening like gold under the shimmering sunlight.

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