Some of your favorite beauty influencers are likely trying out and featuring a new powder — scratch that — "Wowder," from a yet-to-be-named brand. YouTubers like Jackie Aina, Jasmine Brown, Sayria Jade and more recently featured the item in videos, and although there aren't a ton of details out yet about the product, so far we like what we see.

The product, of course, looks like a traditional powder, but from watching Aina's video, you can see how it blends and moves in a creamy, seamless way. Her face never looks cake, even as she layers it under her foundation, to set her concealer and as a warm bronzer. And who doesn't love a good multi-tasking product?

If there's one thing every summer beauty routine needs it's a great setting product to lock everything into place and to resist oil and sweat. And Wowder appears to do just that. Watch below as Jade uses it to lock in her natural summer look.

Wowder comes in three different shades because, according to their website, "no skin tone is HD-white." And how true that is. The shades are sheer and adaptable, so you'll be able to pick a color close to your skin tone and watch it enhance your skin.

That same website is one of the biggest hints as to who the brand behind the product is — the font, style and color scheme led many to believe that Glossier had to be the brand behind this new product, and a quick Google search will confirm that the brand has a trademark on the name (but nothing is officially announced yet). You can add a date for this Wowder to your personal calendar, and the date produced is August 1st at 9 a.m. PST. Could that be the official announcment? When the product is live for public purchase? Only time will tell.