You might have seen a video simply called "The Talk" being shared around Facebook this week. Although it's just over a minute long, there's a lot of powerful emotion and relatable circumstances packed in.

The video follows many parents having "The Talk" with their children of various ages. Even without directly saying it, it's clear from the beginning that this talk centers on ways the children might have been or could in the future be profiled or judged based on the color of their skin.

From the little girl who's told she's "pretty for a black girl," to a teenager whose mother is afraid of what could happen if she got pulled over by the police, there's a heavy but relatable narrative woven throughout. It's not the kind of video you'll watch and forget about. And although it's sharing harsh truths, they're still accurate to the daily experience of black people in this country.

Every day we're working to create a better world where these talks won't need to be had and where all kinds of beauty and all walks of life are celebrated and respected. But in the meantime, "The Talk" shows exactly why it still needs to occur.

Check out the powerful video below: