When it comes to having naturally curly hair, it is very important that you switch up styles often to avoid becoming bored with your tresses. These types of styles can vary. You can try different protective styles, you can switch up the color, or even cut it all off. If those options don’t suit you, you could always do a twist or braid out. Wanna spice it up? Try your hand at a three strand twist out.

A three-strand twist out is an amazing style that takes your twist out game up several notches. Three-strand twists, also known as rope twists, unravel to create a defined, textured look. It is a great way to achieve a natural-looking style without using heat or chemicals.

Differences between two strand and three strand twists

The difference between these two styles is based on how many strands are used to achieve them. Simply put a two strand twist uses only two portions of hair while a three strand twist uses three. Youtube creator, Slim Reshae details the difference between the styles on her channel. Commenters say the three strand version has more definition but less volume than the two strand twist out.

Difference between three strand twist out and braid out

While it may seem that a three strand twist out is simply a braid that’s actually not true. A braid out interlocks three pieces of hair by placing them one over the other. In a three strand twist out the hair is looped around itself in a spiral of sorts. Youtube creator Actually Ashly shared a fantastic demonstration of the difference between the two styles on her channel. She mentions that three strand twists take longer to do but provide more defined curls than a braid out.


Three strand twists have many benefits. They’re a style many people feel comfortable wearing out in public before untwisting them. The twists actually give a special aesthetic to your hair. Once the twists are in, you can leave them in for several days before taking them out, making it a great low-maintenance, protective hairstyle. While you have them in, they can be styled in several ways, such as a half-up, half-down style, or a full updo. Additionally, since the style doesn’t require any heat or chemicals, you end up reducing the risk of damage to your hair.

This style may seem intimidating at first. That’s understandable, as many people have been taught that twist are created using just two pieces of hair. With patience and the best products, you can achieve this beautiful style. 21Ninety has got you covered with the step by step process to getting your well-defined, three strand twists.

Achieving The Perfect Three Strand Twists

The first step when it comes to getting a good three-strand twist out is getting a good wash and condition. Shea Moisture’s Intensive Hydration line provides a good base of moisturized hair to start,

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The next step would be to part your hair and get to twisting. Begin twisting the strands around each other, moving your fingers from the root to the ends. Make sure to keep in mind that you are not braiding your hair, instead, you are wrapping each strand around the other two, one at a time. Cantu’s Coconut Curling Cream helps moisturize the hair.

Once you lock in that moisture, you need a product that will help form the shape your hair needs to transform. Design Essentials’ African Chebe Growth Collection Strengthening & Curl Perfecting Mousse does just that. This lightweight curl-boosting mousse locks in moisture while simultaneously promoting healthy hair growth.

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Once you’ve finished the twists, let it have a few days to air dry. When you feel like your twists are completely dry, its time for the big reveal. Before you delicately pull each twist apart, make sure to have apply a hydrating oil to coat your fingers. Mielle’s new anti-shedding scalp and hair oil is the perfect product for that.