Society has a way of portraying being in your single era as the end of the world.

Contrary to popular belief, being single does not mean a person isn’t successful in a committed relationship. Whether it’s in films, television shows, or on social media, singles are depicted as incomplete individuals until they find their perfect pairing. The underlying concept of needing another person to make you whole is a far-fetched idea that should be rejected. 

Although sharing a life with a partner can be enjoyable, the first relationship that a person experiences is with themselves. Without properly knowing one’s needs and desires, it may be challenging to fully show up in a partnership and be there for someone else. It’s also common for others to believe that being single is equivalent to loneliness. The thing about loneliness is that it can be present while single and in a relationship. People tend to mistake loneliness with solitude. 

The defining factor that separates the two is mindset. Experts suggest that solitude is rooted in a person enjoying alone time and company. Discomfort and sadness are the foundation of loneliness, as people lose connection with others or within themselves. There is nothing shameful about being in your single era. In fact, there are a few benefits of singlehood that are causing more people to embrace it.

You’re Free To Be Selfish

While in a relationship, it is easy to get caught up in your partner’s desires and needs. From considering them when making life changing decisions to a relationship naturally taking up space in the mind, thinking about yourself can quickly be overshadowed.

Being free of a relationship makes room for thinking and doing things that matter to you. Shifting the focus from someone else to yourself can be liberating. It allows you to hone in on what’s important without being influenced by external factors. It also turns your attention to completing postponed tasks or acknowledging unhealed trauma from past experiences.

Your single era helps you develop the best version of yourself. When someone does come along, you won’t find yourself compromising who you are to please them.

You Can Show Up As A Better Friend Or Loved One

People often become consumed by relationships to the point of isolation. Large amounts of time and energy are put into making a relationship work. Unfortunately, a person’s friends or loved ones can be placed on the back burner. Single people can direct their attention to the platonic relationships around them. As a result, those friendly or familial connections are nurtured and can further grow.

In today’s digital world, constant messages emphasize that a person’s top priority should be their relationship. While a person’s partner may be a significant portion of their life, negating the other people present makes it harder to gain true fulfillment. A partner can’t be the go-to person for everything.

You’re More Open To Life’s Surprises

Being single allows one to be more spontaneous to what life has to offer. Without a partner, you’re free from the restraints and responsibilities that come with being in a relationship. The only person you have to answer to is yourself. For that reason alone, single people are found to be more risk-takers, carefree and adventurous.