TikTok fans may soon have to say goodbye to their favorite app. Without a doubt, a real community was built through the app. From new trends to new artists and, of course, endless viral dances. Still, maybe the biggest innovation to come out of TikTok was the TikTok Shop. If the app goes so will the shopping experience it provides. However, there are a few items that will still be available on Amazon even if TikTok Shop shuts down. 21Ninety rounded up the top six trending items on the Shop, so you can buy on alternative platforms, just in case.

Why TikTok May Go Away?

Concerns about data breaches and children using an unauthorized platform have swirled around the Chinese-owned app. A law officially forcing ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, to sell the app within nine months has now been signed by President Biden. If sell doesn’t happen within that timeframe, the app will face a nationwide ban in the United States. There is a chance that the nine month deadline could be extended if President Biden invokes a 90-day extension.

  1. Best Phone Light: Newmowa 60 LED High Power Rechargeable Clip Fill
  2. Best Gym Set:YEOREO One Piece Jumpsuits for Women Sleeveless Backless Workout Jumpsuits
  3. Best Phone Case: StickyGrippy Suction Phone Case Mount
  4. Best Bodycon Dress:VIUTIL Womens Bodycon Maxi Dress
  5. Best Serum: COSRX Snail Mucin Serum
  6. Best Perfume: Yara by Lattafa Perfumes

Best Phone Light

Newmowa Clip Light

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Dubbed the “Alix Earle Light”, this detachable LED light is renowned for illuminating any photo. Whether you’re taking pictures at night or in a dimly lit area, and aiming to step up your influencer game, the Newmowa Clip Light is the easy solution to your lighting needs.

Best Gym Set

YEOREO One Piece Jumpsuits for Women Sleeveless Backless Workout Jumpsuits

Surprisingly, in a marketplace dominated by beauty products and miscellaneous gadgets, workout clothes perform extremely well. Everyone is focused on enhancing their physique and the workout attire available on the shop follows suit. It offers pieces that are exceptionally lifting and cinching, just like this jumpsuit.

Best Phone Case

StickyGrippy Suction Phone Case Mount

Whether you’re ready to dive into the world of influencing or simply perpetually challenged by group photos, this phone case has proven to be a lifesaver. It’s practically ubiquitous, and for good reason: serving as both a phone holder and a tripod, it offers unmatched convenience for everyone’s phone-related needs.

Best Bodycon Dress

VIUTIL Womens Bodycon Maxi Dress

Besides food, one of the most surprising things about the TikTok Shop is the variety of clothes sold. There are solid options at good prices like this bodycon dress. It’s affordable and super trendy.

Best Serum

COSRX Snail Mucin Serum

Talking about skincare without mentioning the COSRX Snail Mucin? Impossible. This stuff isn’t just hydrating—it’s like a filter for your skin. TikTok users swear by it, praising its fast-acting effects and the smooth texture it gives your skin. It’s practically their holy grail.

Best Perfume

Yara by Lattafa Perfumes

Arabic perfumes became a sensation on TikTok thanks to the countless Arab and North African influencers singing their praises. This particular perfume has been flying off the shelves for weeks, thanks to the hype. But guess what? It’s back in stock, and its sweet, charming scent is stealing the spotlight as the must-have fragrance of the moment.

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