The holiday season is upon us, and for some of you, that means dealing with family members that you might not necessarily want to deal with for an extended period of time. For some of us, that involves spending time with "the family you choose," which is a fancy way of saying "our true friends."

As such, the tradition of Friendsgiving was born — for you, for me, for all the boys and girls all over the United States who could use a little break. 

And after nearly two years of a pandemic that seems to show no signs of letting up, get-togethers are starting to become a "thing" again (just make sure everyone is fully vaxxed, of course!). The problem is, more than a few of us are a little rusty in the events department. (It's been a while since we've been around other people, you know.)

Never fear, though: we've got you covered in the Friendsgiving department. These six tips will help you throw a celebration you won't soon forget!

1. Pick a theme — especially one that encapsulates your friendship

If you have friends that are friends with each other, and you've been friends a long time, why not make your Friendsgiving celebration complete with a theme that encapsulates your friendship? Whether you were all part of the same sorority, go to the same gym, or like the same episodes of This is Us, let your love guide you!

2. Games, games, games!

Pick a board game — or seven — and set it up to play. Whether you like Jenga or Cards Against Humanity, board games are the perfect ice-breaker.

3. Potluck it up

Now, you know you can't trust everybody's cooking, so only do this with a group of friends you truly trust. Rather than make your Friendsgiving meal your sole responsibility, designate each guest to bring a dish of their own choosing and making. (Just make sure they make enough for everybody!)

4. Gratitude Board

Create a gratitude board and ask all your guests to bring photos, cards, and notes to add to it when they arrive. Put down, in writing, what you're most grateful for this year. What made you happy? What made you realize you were blessed and highly favored? What memories will you treasure forever? Put it on the gratitude board! Then, toward the end of the night, you all can take turns reading off what made you feel good this year. 

5. Choose (cute!) recyclable decor for easy cleanup

Disposable plates have come a long way from the disposable Chinet days. (No shade to Chinet, because it works in a pinch.) These biodegradable bamboo plates have both form and function, or you can really splurge and get all-gold everything. Either way, you'll be grateful that cleanup will just involve a large trash bag and some Clorox wipes, especially if you end up having a lot of people over.

6. Relax and have fun!

The most important part of having a good Friendsgiving is relaxing and having fun. You've had a rough year. (Let's be real: you've had a rough couple of years. We all have.) Now is the perfect time to kick back, relax, and have a good time with the people you call family by choice. Happy Thanksgiving — or Friendsgiving!