Sometimes the internet is truly the best place, especially when our favorites get to use it as a platform to remind us of how great they are. Toni Braxton is truly one of the most iconic voices of all time, and thanks to Instagram, we are being reminded why. 

The seven-time Grammy-award-winning artist first shared a video of herself playing piano and singing Anita Baker's "You Bring Me Joy" for friends Jada Pinkett-Smith and MC Lyte. And now she's giving us snippets of some of her very own biggest hits. 

The talent is undeniable and the vocals are present and accounted for. Adorned in a Versace robe, red lips and her newest blonde 'do, the living legend popped in to remind us that her mic stays on and that she can tickle the keys with the best of them. 

'Unbreak My Heart' never gets old and is one of her biggest hits to date. 

People may remember that Anita Baker is partially responsible for us knowing who Toni Braxton is as Babyface initially approached the former for the Boomerang soundtrack, but she declined and told him to use the singer on the demo—and the rest is music history! So, seeing Toni pay homage to the woman who paved the way for her gives us all the warm feelings. 

And if you're in need of a Toni Braxton fix, her latest album Spell My Name is a great nod to that classic Toni sound infused with elements of today's music for a perfect touch. 

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