Makeup launches are pretty much always a big deal, especially when it’s a beauty brand’s birthday launch. Too Faced turns 20 this year and according to brand founder, Jerrod Blandino, and beauty lover, Trendmood1, we’re in for a fun time with the new launch.

This launch is taking us all the way back to the late 90s, when radio stations had Aaliyah and Lauryn Hill playing, Friday was in theaters and Destiny's Child still had four members in the group. Blandino debuted a product shot of what we can expect to see from the launch and our inner nineties kid is ready to layer on the hot pink lipstick.

From what we can tell about the collection, we can look forward to at least one eye palette and a hot pink, glittery lipstick. The packaging is just as vibrant — a hot pink glittery case and the gold tube is stamped with Too Faced’s original logo which features distorted font in drawn-like boxes. 

Some comments on Blandino’s post included, "It looks so old and cheap that I like it," according to Allure. Experimenting with the bold, bright lips with a strong 90s feel might be fun for today’s nostalgia-loving makeup artists and beauty lovers. As for now, here's hoping that the quality is less 90s and more 2018, but only the launch will tell.

There hasn’t been a date released for the launch, but we’re looking forward to this #tbt feel from TooFaced. Check out some hot pink lip #inspo below in the meantime:

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