Singer Tori Kelly received an unexpected gift on from Queen B herself. The Grammy-winning singer was hospitalized on July 23 for clots that doctors discovered in her legs and lungs. After her release and return home, Kelly posted a picture on her Instagram of herself holding a large bouquet of white roses with a huge smile on her face. The 30-year-old then posted a  screenshot of a text she received telling her that Beyoncé had sent the flowers for her. 

Kelly was hospitalized for almost a week before she was discharged from the hospital. She took to her Instagram to share a message to well-wishers as well as an update on her health.

“Hi friends, as you may have heard, I’m dealing with some unexpected health challenges. It’s been a scary few days but I can feel your prayers & can’t stop thinking about you,” she began her letter. “I’m feeling stranger now & hopeful but unfortunately there are still some things to uncover. I’m so grateful for the amazing doctors & nurses who have been looking after me. “

She went on to share how heartbroken she was about being unable to properly celebrate her new EP “tori.”

“I know my health must come first,” she wrote.

She reiterated her appreciation for the outpouring of love she received while in the hospital.

“I won’t let this hurdle prevent the music from being yours on Friday! I love you all so much & I am truly overwhelmed by all of the love & care I have received, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” Kelly shared.

A Huge Scare

On July 24, TMZ reported that Kelly was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai. Kelly’s friends had reportedly decided against taking her to a hospital in downtown L. A and instead drove Kelly’s unconscious body to Cedars-Sinai. There is no report of them having called the ambulance. TMZ also disclosed that medical providers worked hard to determine if any clots were around her heart. During her hospital stay, the “Sing” actor was reportedly going in and out of consciousness since she was admitted to the hospital.