Jennifer Lopez and her toned body prove that age is literally just a number. The 52-year-old actress has abs that will make a teenager a bit jealous. In an interview with Vogue, celebrity trainer, David Kirsch, explains his training process and what the original Fly Girl, Jennifer Lopez does to keep her body in toned perfection.

“Whether you’re working with Jennifer Lopez or with someone else, there’s an old Biblical phrase that says, ‘look, listen and teach,’ which are very powerful words,” he said. “It’s all too easy to put a series of exercises together in a cookie-cutter way. Before you go out and try and impress a client, you want to listen, observe and see what they need, plus what they want and are willing to commit to.”

Kirsch continued by explaining that his 35-year success is based on his philosophy in understanding what his clients needs. “That is what is often missing—it’s frustrating that this aspect of training is glossed over."

Because no two bodies are the same, Kirsch looks at working out holistically, factoring in stress, sleep, eating habits, life-style and the people individuals are surrounded by. 

Kirsch shared that J. Lo is “meticulous about her eating, sleeping and generally about everything in her life.” He also added that “It’s not just a physical thing—it’s about transforming every aspect of your life.” One thing he encourages is for people to get fitness devices to monitor their quality of sleep as well as their individual fitness journeys.

Kirsch further stated that “Jennifer and I do a lot of platypus walks with a wide stance. Also known as a sumo walking squat... It’s great for your inner thighs and butt. We mix some cardio, plyometrics, full body, core and lower body into her workouts—they are very, very intense and she takes it very seriously, which is exciting for someone like me. You say, ‘we’re going to do this’, and she’s like, ‘great!.' Her workouts are fast paced. She’s very focused and high energy.”

He ended by saying, “The common denominator is always sleep. Resting and restoring is so important for your recovery and overall wellness.”