Festival season is here, and the first weekend of Coachella kicked it off as one of the long-awaited spring events. One of the most important elements of attending festivals is deciding what to wear. Stores and online websites have dedicated sections reserved for festival fashion. While finding the right outfits is a top priority, identifying what festival accessories complement those different looks is just as important.

Festival accessories have changed throughout the years. Before the aesthetic existed, festival goers kept it simple with baseball caps and the unforgettable fishnet tights. Those trends have shifted and are currently entering a new era with the help of Beyoncé. The recent release of her album, “Cowboy Carter,’‘ has prompted the rise in Western trends, featuring a combination of cowboy hats, leather belts and more.

Best Cross Body

Goodhane Store’s Embroidered Cross Body Bag

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Goodhane Store’s Embroidered Cross Body is a festival accessory that ties the whole look together. The mix of bright red, orange, turquoise and other vibrant colors sewn onto the front and back of the bag is an eye-catching feature that stands out. In addition to this handbag being fashionable, it fits all of the essentials. It has enough room for a cellphone, wallet, phone charger, makeup and more required to have a good time.

Best Leather Belt

Buywis Concho Leather Belt

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Variations of the Buywis Concho Leather Belt have been spotted across festival deserts and parks. This Western accessory can be worn on skirts, pants, shorts and other bottoms. Some also have fixed the belt onto dresses. With the spotlight on country music, the popular and stylish piece is linked to Native American culture. The concho leather belts vary in size, color, shapes and patterns.

Best Cowgirl Hat

Eohak Cowgirl Hat

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The Eohak Cowgirl Hat is perfect for hot festival days when blocking the sun is the main priority. The fashionable accessory, combined with its ability to provide the perfect shade, makes it a must-have this summer. 

Best Fringed Bandanas

Percozzi Store Rhinestone Fringed Bandanas

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The Percozzi Store Rhinestone Fringed Bandanas take it up a notch with these festival staples. The lightweight silk fabric makes it comfortable to wear around the neck or across a portion of the face. This is especially perfect for those festivals located in deserts as the bandanas also protect from inhaling dust and dirt.

Best Sunglasses

Eiuizah Y2K Sunglasses

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The Eiuizah Y2K Sunglasses will always stay in style for their sleek, early 2000s look. The star on the side of the sunglasses adds a unique element to the design. This pair of sunglasses comes in 12 other color options, ranging from basic black and white to icy blue.

Best Body Jewelry

Bestjybt Pendant Necklace 

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A festival look isn’t complete without the Bestjybt Body Pendant Necklace. This layering body chain may be a subtle accessory, but it adds more dimension to any outfit. It can be worn with crop tops, a shirt with cutouts and even over a swimsuit. Its versatility makes it a reusable item that can be worn in different ways.

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