As we enter the second month of 2018, I reflect back on how difficult it was for me to stay committed to some of my 2017 goals. One of my greatest obstacles in 2017 was exercise, and although I promised myself I would do better this year, I often still find myself struggling to exercise. 

One of the things that I’ve found most helpful for sticking to my exercise goals is breaking them into teeny tiny baby steps. I definitely want to be up in yoga classes or SoulCycle every day, but I noticed I needed to start small to set myself up for success. I needed to ease my way back into an exercise routine.

If you’re also struggling to get back into a regular exercise routine, try these tips. They’re a great way to ease back into exercise, and they’ll make you feel great, too!  

Walk for 10 mins each day.

It might seem short, but going for a walk every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, will help you feel better. You can choose a dedicated time, maybe in the morning before getting ready for work or in the evening before settling in for the night. Once you’ve mastered your 10-minute walks, you can increase the time or distance. Plus, walking has amazing benefits beyond getting exercise. You can spend this time reflecting, gaining clarity or dedicating time to de-stress from the day. 

Join a budget-friendly gym. 

Here’s the thing: just because you join a gym doesn’t mean you have to be in the gym every single day. If you aren’t ready to be a gym rat, it’s cool. Join a budget-friendly gym — such as the YMCA or Planet Fitness — where you can go workout on the days you feel motivated, but don’t have feel like you’re wasting your money if you aren’t there every day. It helps to have the tools a gym can offer when you're ready to start lifting those weights or want to meet with a personal trainer. Plus, gyms like the YMCA provide financial aid! 

Try a new class. 

Sometimes it’s hard to stick to an exercise routine because the routine is monotonous. If you find yourself yawning while on the elliptical, then it might be time to try something totally different. When I was most frustrated with my exercise routine last year, I tried taking a SoulCycle class. I would never have thought in a million years I would be into SoulCycle, but I loved it. If you’re bored or frustrated with your exercise routine, or just getting back into exercise, taking a new class could be the key. For people living in cities like Los Angeles, New York or Chicago, you can try ClassPass, which will allow you to take a variety of classes in different boutique studios across the city. 

Take advantage of YouTube videos or  other online resources. 

You can find almost anything and everything on the Internet, so why not take advantage? Try searching for Crossfit, Zumba or yoga videos to get started. YouTube videos are especially great if you’re thinking of trying a new class but aren’t certain about it. You can also find amazing resources and support through blogs and online forums — 21Ninety itself is an amazing place for fitness resources. Check out the Health page for tons of great exercise videos and resources.  

Reward yourself! 

I often forget that just because I didn’t stick to my exercise routine perfectly doesn’t mean I did a bad job. Getting up and moving is the real goal. So, every time you choose to go for a walk, try a new class or even take a few minutes to dance in your room is worth celebrating. 

How are you tackling your fitness goals this year? Share your #fitspiration with us!