Are you looking to take charge of your health, create optimum well-being and achieve the ultimate relaxation? Latham Thomas is here to help you do all that as you explore your future and how it aligns with the stars thanks to "moon mapping" — a concept she lays out in her new book, Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within.

So what is moon mapping? It's the opportunity to design your life around the moon phases. Thomas' strategy involves looking at the phases of the moon (mainly the new moon and the full moon).

The new moon is associated with the seed, while the full moon is associated with the harvest. This means that you should look into planning your side hustle, starting a new project or putting together a more creative resume and cover letter during the new moon. The full moon provides a great time to actually go on those job interviews, go on a date or have a mini getaway. Planning these events is essential for moon mapping.

Step one is to write down the new and full moon in your planner or calendar. You should also mark the dates of your menstrual cycle, to be sure the rhythms of your life are consistent and healthy. Yes, this involves taking it easy the first day of your period. It's ok to budget your days according to what you can handle. Be in tune with your mind and your boundaries. Establish what you want and follow through thanks to moon mapping.

Build your confidence, increase the power of your voice and explore how the lunar cycles affect our lives with moon mapping. Check out the video above for a complete breakdown with Latham Thomas!