Spending quality time with your partner should be a reflection of your personalities. If you’re both artists or just appreciate the arts, then your relationship will likely be filled with many moments and trips to innovative events in your surroundings. Taking romance to the next level for artsy couples usually involves dates that keep the inspiration and conversation flowing. What’s better than a list of ideas that speak to your culture, art preferences, and vibe especially just in time for Valentine’s Day?

Dating Ideas for Valentine’s Day – For the Artsy Couple

These date ideas are perfect for keeping the attraction and romance vibrant for couples at all stages. Since Valentine’s Day falls in Black History Month, many of these dates are inclusive of these activities too.

Visit a local gallery

Enjoying some time together in the ambiance of a cute gallery and supporting your neighborhood artists. Small, local galleries, as opposed to larger, well-known ones, offer a level of intimacy that is perfect for a date. Take in the art, and the mood while getting to know what your partner values and finds alluring.

Head to a Black History Month exhibition

February being the month of celebrating Black History in the U.S. as well as being the month of Valentine’s means more dates involving soaking up the culture. Whether it’s a locally-run or larger, highly anticipated project, check out what may spark conversation and joy as you rediscover Black history together.

Attend a book launch or a reading

Book launches or readings are the perfect environments for a blend of more intimate, quiet moments and socializing. Book launches are great for artsy couples who love literature and the buzz of being around other people. Chill alone together, mix and mingle with others, and get to know the author, this will be a chance to enjoy a date that keeps you talking and thinking.

Go on a Black History walking tour

You can’t go wrong with a walking tour, especially if at least one person is new to the area. Discover new corners of the city to learn together and make a note of places you’d like to revisit for future dates. Even still, this is a great way to rediscover a city you thought you knew inside out.

Attend a painting class

For couples who are into creating art, this is the perfect way to deepen the connection this Valentine’s. The ease of a painting class means that you can have fun, and not take things too seriously. This is why it works so well no matter what stage of the relationship you’re at. A painting class has the added bonus of having a physical memory to walk away with.

Create a playlist together and have a listening party

Music is always going to connect people and bring them closer together. Creating your own vibe and having a private listening party allows you to enjoy a chilled date night at home and really enjoy each other’s company and music tastes.

Try a cultural dance class together

After music, dance is probably the next best connector and vibe-setter. A dance class date is ideal for couples who enjoy being the first on the dance floor at the family functions and who also love adding new moves and styles to their arsenal. Think about dance classes that reflect cultures you’re both interested in. A few examples could be Bachata, Kizomba, or Samba. Whichever dance class you choose for this Valentine’s Day date, keep enjoyment as the top priority all night long.