In an effort to highlight self-love through hair, 21Ninety has partnered with Pinterest to highlight a series of content creators, influencers and creative professionals on all things wash-n-go related to help you simplify your day-to-day routine.

For this “Wash & Go” episode, Ambrosia Malbrough, content creator and host of “Slow Down Pod,” walks us through her everyday wash-and-go routine, the products she uses on a day-to-day basis to revive her tresses, and everything in between within the hair care realm.

For centuries, our hair has remained at the forefront of our identity and self-expression. Whether rocking a protective style or opting in for an all-natural wash-n-go look- the world is ours for the taking. So matter what style you identify with best, sit back, relax, and stay tuned with us as we walk through Malbrough’s wash-n-go routine.

Step 1: Cleanse and Prep 

Ambrosia walks us through the first step of her Wash n Go routine by cleansing and prepping her hair for styling.


Products Used

1) The Mane Choice Extra Healthy Shampoo

$12.99 at Mane Choice.

2) The Mane Choice Healthy Conditioner

$14.99 at Mane Choice.

3) Platinum Blonde Shampoo

$17.50 at Ulta.

4) Pomegranate & Honey Leave-In Conditioner

$10.00 at Ulta.

Step 2: Style

Ambrosia walks us through her wash n go styling.

Products Used

5) Nurture Healthy Curls Styling Gel

$37.50 at Nurture.

Step 3: Coil and Protect

Ambrosia coils her tresses for a longer-lasting wash n go.

 Step 4, Day 3: Refresh and Pamper

Ambrosia walks us through day 3 of her wash n go by refreshing her tresses.

Step 5, Day 5: Pick for Volume

Ambrosia walks us through day 5 her of routine by picking out her coils for more volume.

Day 6, Step 6: Revitalize Curls With a Spray Bottle

Ambrosia walks us through day 6 of her wash n go routine with a bit of hydration.

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