Regardless what you’re celebrating this holiday season, it's always nice to get into the festive mood. Whether it’s lighting a candle or hanging up some ornaments, there are ways big and small to make your tiny apartment seem more homey and welcoming during the winter season. This will brighten your spirits and also those of your guests.

Decorating your home is not just good for your soul or your Instagram account. It’s also a good excuse to host more people over for some cocktail hours or baking parties. Who says summer has to have all the fun? You can enjoy the season while also makings sure your apartment looks the part with these tips:

Add to what you already have


Decorating for the holidays isn’t about revamping everything in your apartment. The key is to enhance all the existing decorative elements and making them more seasonal. This can look like adding all those holiday cards you’re getting from friends and family to existing bulletin boards or refrigerator collections. You can switch out the towels in the bathroom or kitchen to more festive-looking ones from TJ Maxx. 

Keep your eye on your wallet

It might seem like a waste to spend all your hard-earned dough on decorating, but it doesn’t have to be such a cash-negative experience. Look around at local thrift stores to see if they have seasonal pieces for cheap. Or even better, plan ahead for the next year by shopping the post-holiday sales for decorative items. There might even be friends or family looking to upgrade their own decorations and who are willing to part with their old wreath or ornaments.

Focus on a few key pieces

Because most apartments aren’t exactly known for their spaciousness, it’s also important to keep space in mind when decorating in general. You don’t have to go overboard and crowd your apartment to the brim with tinsel and ribbon. Honing in on a few things that you really think set the tone, such as a small tree or a large wall hanging, can really spruce things up while also keeping the feng shui (and your wallet) happy.

Let there be light!

Photo: design*sponge

One of the most iconic images of the holiday season is of the lights. By just hanging up some bright lights in your space, you can instantly make everything look more festive and cozy. Bonus points if your lights are in a fun shape like snowflakes or can do some crazy light-show routine.

Don’t forget about outside

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t express your enthusiasm for the season in the same way as your counterparts in houses can! Hang up a wreath or a holiday sign outside your door if you feel so inclined.  You can even string some lights on your patio if you have one. Just make sure that you are conscious of your neighborhood. You don’t want to put something out there if you know it means you’ll never see it again!

Make the decorating a team effort

You don’t have to go at your decorating project solo! In fact, it might make it more fun and meaningful to make this a group event. If you live with roommates or family, maybe have each person be in charge of one element of the decor. You can even make an event of it and have some sort of group-based decoration, such as a paper tree on your wall made up with paper leaves that your friends cut out themselves or with that they are thankful for written on them. Remember that the best part of the holidays is getting to spend time with loved ones. Include yours in the process of making your home feel more festive during the holiday season.