Having curly hair and wanting to wear a hat can be the most frustrating thing in the world; especially as winter rolls around and the urge to look cute and stay warm is totally overwhelming. Luckily, there are still some hat options for curly-haired gals, so don’t give up hope just yet! Here are five curl-friendly hats to wear: 

Floppy hats

Photo: @lulustone_/Instagram

Floppy hats are super cute and never go out of style. They offer more room in the crown, so your curls won’t get smashed. The best thing about floppy hats is you can find them in the summertime (made out of straw or canvas) and in the winter (made out of heavier materials like wool or felt).


Photo: @clothesconscience/Instagram

Similar to floppy hats, fedoras offer more room in the crown and you can wear them on the top of your head or toward the back. Fedoras offer a lot of style options, and you can wear your hair up or down and still rock one. 

Backless cap

Beyoncé has done it again. Her Ivy Park line included this baseball cap; and although it looks normal, it’s totally a big deal. The cap is backless; meaning you can rock a trend and your curls won’t get crushed or hidden! The cap is retailing for $35, and is currently sold out online.  But the satin version is only $30 and can be found here.


Photo: graceeleyae.com

The Satin-Lined Cap (or SLAP) was created by Grace Eleyae in 2014. She created the cap to combat dry hair and bedhead, and the product has since transitioned into combine style, comfort and functionality for those looking to protect their hair. Slaps start at $29.95