Natural hair journeys are unique to every individual and their place in the world, and that’s what makes each journey so special — it’s yours! There’s a beauty in seeing natural hair grace runways, television, movies and even corporate jobs. 

As the standard of beauty shifts and becomes more inclusive, it can be freeing to be able to wear a wash n’ go to work. Founder and CEO of Six One Agency in Los Angeles, Kilee Hughes, recently shared her natural hair journey with Allure

"Times are changing, but I’ve got big hair. I’m six foot one — that can be intimidating. I still have some insecurities, but today I went to a big boardroom and wore my hair curly. I love my hair. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be wearing it."

Model Damaris Lewis also shared some of hair journey with Allure and stated: 

"This past February, I did the big chop. I have very tight curls. But I love that it gives me the option to do whatever I want. This is my first summer being able to swim, to wash my hair, to just be free. I’ve never done that before. It’s going to be life-changing."

Donning your natural hair can definitely be intimidating, like it was for Kilee Hughes, but it can also be freeing as it was for Damaris Lewis. Wherever you are in your journey, we’ve found some awesome hairstyles that you can rock to work to show off your textured crown: 

Low sleek ponytail: 

Twist out: 

Low sleek bun:

Wash n’ go: 

Double braided crown: 

Heatless curls: 

Crotchet Locs: 


Box braids: 

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