Essential oils seem to be all the rage. They’re not only just in the natural foods store but at stores like Target and Sephora. You go to a yoga class and the instructor sprays some lavender during savasana. Your cubicle-mate is dabbing peppermint oil to combat her raging migraines. The guy next to you at the coffee shop won’t stop talking about how his rose-hip shot is saving his skin. Whatever it is, they seem to be everywhere.

The abundance of essential oils in store could be due to our collective desire to get back to the natural and organic. In this day and age, everyone seems to be avoiding harsh chemicals and toxins at all costs. Perhaps it’s a byproduct of chemical compounds being found in almost every product on shelves. It could just be that people have no idea what's in the food they’re eating or liquids they’re drinking. What with the news constantly touting the dangers of antibiotic resistance or chronic disease, our advancements in technology seem more of a menace to some. No matter the reason for the avoidance, essential oils seem to be the brand new solution to all of these problems. 

Essential oils are a seemingly natural option that can take care of a wide variety of issues. Especially because the use of these oils are rooted in ancient medicine, they seem like an all-natural, tried and true method of healing. The almost secretive nature of the power of essential oils also taps into a sense of power that common folk can yield over “mainstream medicine” or “big pharma.” A lot of people turn to essential oils as a complete alternative to Western medicine. There are others who use them to supplement existing medicinal regimes. 

Whatever the reason, some people swear by them. From acne to migraines, essential oils are supposed to be able to help with all sorts of ailments. They are touted by celebrities and everyday folk as the solution to so many of their problems and the secret behind their glowing skin and slim figures. There are even some who swear by essential oils as great household cleaners and diet supplements. Others just like the way they smell. The long list of purported benefits also includes things such as increasing energy, healing wounds, calming anxiety, relieving respiratory problems, making dishwashing detergent, and stimulating digestion. The oils that are supposed to help with this range from lemongrass, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus. Do your research and see what oils might be best for you if you want to explore this trend!