Warmer weather is finally upon us, and with warmer temperatures brings outdoor activities!

If you’re thinking of heading out into nature for a picnic date with a loved one, then we’ve got the best suggestions for all the items that you should bring with you! 

A Sturdy Picnic Bag


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Minkee Blue is a brand which features a wide variety of bags perfect for travel and on-the-go activities. Consider picking up “The Ella Tote 2.0” which takes a standard tote bag to the next level! It features a middle compartment which allows the bag to convert from one compartment to two, and even includes a lunch bag and a shoe bag! 

You probably won’t be using the shoe bag for the outdoor picnic, so consider it as extra storage for your food and activity items.

A Big Blanket


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Big Blanket Co. has a variety of blankets to choose from, perfect for your picnic date! Consider reaching for their Classic Knit Blanket which spans 10×10 and is sure to provide you and your date with all of the comfort that you’ll need to enjoy the day!

A Board For The Aesthetic


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If you’re a fan of charcuterie, or just would like to have a cute aesthetic going for your picnic, then definitely reach for boards created by Fifth & Cherry. Made of quality wood, these boards will last you years to come, and be perfect to carry in and out of your kitchen at home!

A Spritzer To Keep You Cool

Courtesy of Team Diageo

Ciroc’s Vodka Spritz is the latest beverage from the cocktail brand and it arrives just in time for the spring and summer months! Be sure to grab a few bottles of this before you head out for your picnic, as the line features a variety of flavors from Watermelon Kiwi, Sunset Citrus, Pineapple Passion, and Colada! It’s bound to keep you cool while you’re relaxing out in the sun.

Yummy Cookies!

Giorgio Cookie Co. features a wide variety of delicious treats! And their bestselling, Signature White Chocolate Raspberry Cookie, is one that will definitely not disappoint your taste buds! Just look at that chocolate drip!

A Delicious Dessert!

If you’re a desert lover with an outrageous sweet-tooth, then Good & Tasty Bakes has just what you need! Reach for any flavor of their cheesecakes to take with you on your picnic – each of them are all-natural, gluten free, keto-friendly, and feature no added sugar!