Going through a transformation can be a very painfully liberating experience. In order to prepare for the many new things God has in store for you, you have to go through a whirlwind of changes that may require you to shed the old and bring in the new you. Going through a transformation requires you to let go of all of the things that are no longer serving you, including people, environments, jobs, and old patterns or limiting ways of thinking. If you’re currently embarking on a transformation and can feel the new you emerging, here are 5 steps to take note of that can help you go through these transitions that much easier.


Let go of the people that are holding you back

Letting go of people that are holding you back can be extremely difficult. We want to believe the best in people, and oftentimes, will hold onto the idea of them rather than who they actually are. When you’re embarking on a transformation, one of the best things you can always do for yourself is to let go of the people that match your past, not your future. Your future and higher self will thank you.


Let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you

Our minds can be our biggest enemies, and can really inhibit us from moving forward on our journeys in a positive way. By letting go of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve, you can rest assured that you will be in a much better place and can be open to all of the new blessings on their way.


Surround yourself in an environment where you’re actually going to grow

Our environment can be a great way to help garner new inspiration and to also, help us grow as people. When you’re on the brink of transformation, one of the best ways to let go of the old is by changing your environment. Even if you can’t physically change your environment by moving, making an effort to meet new people in different environments you wouldn’t necessarily be in, can help you to grow in a plethora of ways, and can help to raise your vibration on a higher level.


Eliminate social media and other limiting distractions

Social media can be one of the biggest distractions when it comes to reaching a higher place in life. When we’re constantly viewing what others are doing on social media, this can prevent us from truly focusing on our own lives and ways we can move forward in a positive manner. When we eliminate all distractions and external noise, we can begin to focus on the things that are truly important and can, therefore, prepare ourselves for all that’s to come.


Manifest your visions, no matter how big or how small

Manifestation is a very impactful way we can bring in our desires, and when it comes to embarking on the necessary transformation that’s needed within our lives, one of the best ways to excel forward is by visualizing and therefore jotting our dreams down on paper. If you’ve been seeing angel numbers lately whether that’s 1111, 222,333, or any other repeating number this is a sign from the universe to keep going and to keep yourself open to the messages of the universe.

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