When was the last time you spent some time with yourself? Last time you treated yourself or loved on yourself? I did a poll on Instagram and the results for how many women actually did this lately were disappointing. With so much going on in the world and how hectic our lives get we should be doing a better job with loving on ourselves. 

A few weekends ago one of my favorite bands, Moonchild, had a stop in Atlanta on their tour and I found out the day before they arrived. I was bugging out because I’ve been wanting to see them live and I’m so obsessed with their music. The first thing I thought to myself was “who’s going to go with me?!” I didn’t once think, “let me just take myself and have a solo date” until no one was available to go with me. I contemplated the thought and after a few mins I said let’s do it! I had the best time of my life and look forward to more concerts by myself! 

Get out your comfort zone sis and go on that solo date! Book that solo trip and take some time out for yourself. If not you then who?! Below are 7 cute self date ideas you can plan right in this moment! 


Go To Dinner

Taking yourself to dinner is so fulfilling, grown and sexy. Who doesn’t like getting all dolled up and cute to hit the town?! Find a nice, restaurant you’ve been waiting to try out, make a reservation and treat yourself. Take pictures and document the moment so you never forget how it feels to celebrate yourself and love on you.


Go to A Museum

We’re never too old to learn new things. Going to a museum can be both entertaining and informative. Check out the local museums in your city and see what exhibits are going on and take a visit. Museums are quiet, artistic places with aesthetically pleasing ambiances and after a long week of work going somewhere like this can be both therapeutic and enlighten.


Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Some of us have been living in the same city for 5 plus years now and still haven’t been to every restaurant, lounge, theater or park yet. Do some research on what’s going on in your city and for one weekend or maybe one month visit these popular places in your city. Immerse yourself and become a local tourist.


Take A Cooking Class

Whether you’re a master chef or just beginning, taking a cooking class can be a lot of fun. Some of the best chefs offer courses and you can learn some of their most famous dishes. Maybe cooking isn’t your thing? Then you can do a photography class, comedy class or even pole dancing class.


Go On a Bucket List Solo Date

What does your bucket list look like?! Have you ever wanted to go skydiving? Take a trip by yourself? Get a tattoo? If so, now’s a better time than ever! Go do it because life is short and you deserve to live your best life.


Go To The Movies

Movie fanatic? Us too! So see what movies are coming out or see if a theater is showing an old favorite and take yourself to the movies. It’s simple. Pack up your favorite snacks (because theaters tax on the food), grab a slushy, bring your blanket and enjoy the show.


Spa Date

Spa day is the perfect day for any woman. Not only is it beneficially for the body but it’s necessary for the mind. Book that massage, that facial, that pedi and mani and relax your worries away.