36-year-old sportscaster Maria Taylor is a girl boss in every sense of the word. Working her way up to millions as a host for ESPN and NBC, she’s an emblem of black excellence for many aspiring journalists.

Every working woman needs a good support system, which has left many wondering who Taylor’s current partner is. Married for over two years, she’s head over heels for a mystery suitor by the name of Jon Lee. So who is Maria Taylor’s husband? Here’s everything we know about her leading man.

Who Is Jon Lee?

While much has remained private about the identity of Taylor’s current husband, we do know that they met back in Roswell, Georgia while attending Centennial High School, as their connection dates back to adolescence.

In an Instagram post from September 2022, she shared, “I woke up really grateful for my husband. We’ve known each other since high school. Our road to marriage wasn’t easy… but it was worth it.” She continued on to share how supportive of her success he is while never getting jealous, and that he’s the husband she’s always prayed for.

The pair walked down the aisle together in late February 2021, in an intimate ceremony with select friends and family. While some criticized the duo for having a wedding with guests during unsettling COVID numbers, their love prevailed.

We’ve only seen small snippets of their love via social media ever since, like the day Taylor treated him to his first Dodgers game for his birthday last summer, claiming he humbly “never likes to celebrate.” Sporting expensive seats behind the player’s dugout, it’s clear she enjoys making her man feel special.

This Isn’t Her First Marriage

Taylor is no stranger to exchanging vows, as she was previously married to her now ex-husband, Rodney Blackstock. The couple wed in May 2019 in Destin, Florida, in a breathtaking beachfront ceremony. However, the honeymoon stage didn’t last too long, as they cited irreconcilable differences for their divorce in early 2021.

Luckily, Taylor didn’t let the dissolution of her marriage discourage her from trying again, marrying Lee only a few months later and basking in marital bliss ever since.

They’re Expecting a Child

First comes love, then comes marriage. And after a long fertility journey, Taylor and Lee have announced that they’re expecting a child. In a July 2023 Instagram post, Taylor gushed about the miracle, sharing some insight into their difficulty with pregnancy:

“The last 3 years have been some of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging years of my life. My journey to motherhood has not been a straight path. It’s been diverted by surgeries, multiple egg retrievals, and failed IVF cycles. There were times when I felt like my body was betraying me, that God didn’t want me to become a mom, and that I ultimately didn’t deserve to be a mom. There were times when all I could do was cry and ask ‘Why?’”

Luckily, hope prevailed, as she continued, “There were times when I felt like giving up. But it was put on my heart to keep trying and never let the dream of becoming a mother go. For every setback, my husband was there reminding me to keep the faith. My friends and family held my hand and held me up as I traveled cross country for appointments. It’s still crazy to think that just a year ago I came into the NFL season with the news of a failed embryo transfer. Another hope dashed. And now this fall I come into a new season carrying the greatest gift of all. Our sweet Prince will be here soon and I can’t wait to be his mom!”

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