Disney star, model and social justice advocate Skai Jackson has been busy on the internet these days. Her social media posts include glamor shots, brand deal advertisements and selfies with her alleged boo. Captioned with “showing my boyfriend”, Skai shared a mirror-selfie of herself and a tall red-headed man standing next to her. His face is covered with emojis and scribbles. The duo appear to be wearing loungewear after spending quality time together while in close proximity.

Emojis and scribbles didn’t stop her fans from doing some digging and coming to conclusions about who she might be dating. The actress has been fairly private about her dealings, with the occasional exposure post on her partner’s behalf. Here’s what we know about who Skai Jackson is dating. 

Who Is Skai Jackson?

(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/WireImage)

Skai Jackson began acting at the age of 5, starring in commercials before landing in films and eventually on the Disney channel. The Afro-Honduran talent took on two roles that sealeed her into Disney history making her a household name and memorable face. Since then, she’s spoken out against discriminatory casting practices that limit the exposure of brown and dark skin actors. She uses her platform to draw attention to these issues and to stay abreast of pop culture. While some may feel her entertainment of certain conversations or scenes are outside of her Disney character, she has no problem reminding folks of her agency. 

Who Is Skai Jackson Dating?

Fans of the child actress keep tabs on her moves professionally and personally. Before recent photos of her boyfriend were shared, fans were responding to three separate accounts of rumored dealings and dating, the first being Julez Smith. The model, son of Solange and nephew of Beyoncé, was rumored to be connected to Skai in 2021. Julez DMs revealed their alleged connection along with details of intimacy and decisions to keep it casual. Fans and onlookers brought up the age difference between Skai, 18, and Julez, 16, saying that Skai it was inappropriate. Things have fizzled since then. 

There were also the rumors sparked by a live conversation between Skai, Kai Cenat and Toosii. Rapper Toosii attempts to fan flames between the model-actress and Kai Cenat, streamer and Youtuber. Jokes fly between the three of them including emphasis on the similarity between their names. Rumors about Skai and Kai continued to swirl, but neither of them confirmed whether they were dating. 

Skai Jackson’s Boyfriend is Networkk Yerkk of the Networkk Boyz

This time around, though, fans have a bit more information helping them place a name to the hand tat. The mirror selfie was followed by one of the ginger gentleman sitting inches away from her high-arched foot. Appearing to be in close proximity, fans assumed their closeness and searched for the owner of the tattoo. Fans determined that it was none other than Networkk Yerkk of the @ntwrkbyz. Living life in the fast lane, according to his bio, fans assume he too falls outside of her Disney persona. No other photos have surfaced and neither member of the couple have confirmed or denied being connected. We wish Skai and her boyfriend a successful future!