The most iconic historical moments are almost always remarkably unexpected. Nicki Minaj’s feature on Ye’s “Monster” was one of those moments. Until then, Minaj had put out mixtapes and continued to gain prominence. Her verse on Ye’s “Monster” would change everything and become one of the most renowned moments in rap history.

Good music can evoke strong emotions, which is why Minaj’s verse left a lasting impression on many people. Up until now, that verse continues to be widely discussed, and here’s why.

Minaj is well known for being honest and unapologetic about her thoughts and how women show up for themselves. She has become an inspiration for many women worldwide. Her reputation was solidified following her appearance on “Monster” and the release of her album, ‘Pink Friday,’ shortly after that.

Her Verse Stood Out

In addition to Ye’s verses, the song featured Hip Hop’s esteemed heavyweights Jay-Z and Rick Ross, who had already solidified themselves as Hip Hop legends. Despite their impressive punchlines, Minaj’s verse caught listeners’ attention because lyrically and rhythmically, she impressed even the harshest critics. Although up until that point, she had released mixtapes, the “Monster” verse showcased her ability to creatively and strategically get her point across with pithy phrases, and raw authenticity. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of her verse was that as a newcomer who was up against stiff competition, she still created an iconic moment in music history.

Lyrical Prowess And Cadence

Being a Hip Hop artist requires razor sharp wit and undeniable lyrical prowess. Rappers are storytellers, who are able to use rhymes and acuity to paint a vivid picture and take their audience on a journey. On the record, Minaj showcased both her agility and intellectual dexterity  as a rapper. Additionally, the cadence of her tone, and the way animated way that Minaj seamlessly introduced varying alter egos, added extra levels of oomph that kept listeners engaged. In many ways, Minaj’s “Monster” feature was a Cinderella moment, and the world wanted even more of her from that moment on.


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Some of the greatest rappers of all time have shown how great they are at rhyming by being able to diversify subject matters that they were discussing. Minaj’s versatility came to the forefront during her verse because in less than two minutes, she rapped about a variety of topics ranging from money, being a newcomer, staying authentic and ignoring naysayers. If anyone had any doubts about Minaj’s star power, her “Monster” appearance cleared those.

It Broke Barriers And Opened Doors

For years, the Hip Hop industry has been accused of misogyny and the lack of equal opportunities for women in rap. With her verse, Minaj broke barriers that were so firmly put in place against women in the rap genre. In her debut album ‘Pink Friday,’ there is song called “I’m The Best,” where Minaj prophetically raps: “All the girls will commend as long as they understand that I’m fighting for the girls that never thought they could win ’cause before they could begin, you told ’em it was the end but I am here to reverse the curse that they live in.”
Her verse ushered in a new era, and further pushed open the door of opportunity for other women.


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In the video of “Monster,” Minaj and one of her alter egos, are seen rapping back and forth, and the visual representation of her two personas made people even more intrigued by her artistry. One alter ego is dressed in all black, while the other is seated with a bubblegum pink wig and an innocent aura. The portrayal was both intriguing and visually striking. The fact that Minaj also went on to keep wearing pink wigs throughout her career, while earning massive respect in a cut-throat, male dominated industry is also awe inspiring.


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