Capturing the beauty that is #blackgirlmagic has been done seamlessly by the wife and husband duo and owners of CreativeSoul Photography, Kahran and Regis Bethencourt. They are lifestyle and #blackgirlmagic photographers as well as visual storytellers. 

Their work is definitely one of a kind and with their work gracing Essence, Mochakid Magazine, OWN network and many more, it's no surprise that they’ve struck a six-figure deal with St. Martin’s Press to bring us the coffee table book that will showcase beautiful children of color in all of their glory. 

The coffee table book, which will be titled Halo, will be divided into three time frames, the past, present and future, giving the couple a large range of themes to work with. The couple hopes to promote empowerment and to also shift the discussions of our history by showcasing beautiful children of color as the young kings and queens they are. Halo can be expected to hit the shelves in 2019 and we simply can't wait!