Willow Smith, daughter of actors Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith, has always been one to share her most authentic self with the world.

From her young years of “Whip My Hair” (which inspired the star to go completely bald for the first time in 2012) to her co-hosting role on “Red Table Talk,” Smith consistently proves that walking in – and living by – her truth are some of the most important principles in her life, and now she is letting fans in on how she stays so grounded and at peace. 

The 21-year-old star recently sat down with Vogue and shared with readers a plethora of helpful advice. Check out her tips below!

Balance Your Wellness And Productivity

“In the past, I defined wellness as being productive and getting things done, and that’s one side of it,” she shared. “But I feel like the other side is actually knowing when you need to stop, take a step back, and be like, ‘How do I really feel?’” Smith shares that it’s pivotal to lean into rest and self-discovery to remain energized. 

Moderate Your Time On Social Media

In 2020, while all of the world was subject to the conditions of quarantine, Smith was very vocal in sharing her struggles with social media use. “The negative part of social media is that it can create feelings of inadequacy – we need to examine the debilitating and damaging aspects that social media can bring into our lives, especially when we’re using it as a crutch in times of uncertainty,” she previously told Vogue

Today, Smith uses a timer to regulate how long she spends interacting with the platforms. “Even if I’m checking in for like 15 minutes a couple times a day, once it hits an hour, it locks me out,” she explained. 

Meditate… But With Your Eyes Open

“I try to meditate for ten minutes a day. Sometimes there’s the traditional sitting meditation, which, weirdly enough, I don’t do as often as I do chants, mantras, or listen to affirmations and repeat them,” she shared. “Meditating with your eyes open: Most people don’t know that’s a thing, but you can sit and watch the trees! Mantras and affirmations also help me focus my mind on something positive.”

“It’s super easy to focus on something negative, or something that really doesn’t mean anything when your eyes are closed… but I have a very active mind, so I need to focus it on something positive,” she explained. 

Move Your Body – But Switch Things Up


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“I’ve been running recently. Running has been very, very cathartic for me. Just waking up and running every morning,” she explained. Smith also revealed that while she used to practice yoga daily, she’s found that she needs a “variety of different things” to keep exercise exciting. “Some days I run, some days I do yoga, some days I do a hike, but I feel like I can’t do the same thing – I have to switch it up.”

Be Honest In Recognizing Your Thoughts

“I’ve been doing a thing where, everytime I get triggered, I’ve just been saying the thing that triggers me,” she shared. “Even though that sounds very simple, a lot of the time when we get triggered, we feel like we need to hide it from ourselves… Something as simple as recognizing what’s going on in your mind and being honest about it, even if it’s just to yourself, is very, very, important.”

Remember To Remain Grateful


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“I like to take it to the basics, that always fulfills me. A beautiful view, my animals… There’s always something to be grateful for even if you’re not feeling the best on that specific day,” she shared. “Sometimes it’s not about feeling good all the time; sometimes you just need to hold on to those things that you’re grateful for and know that things are beautiful.”