Did someone say more support for women-owned businesses? One application, 50+ corporations, unlimited opportunities. Sign us up! 

This year, WM is sponsoring Share the GreenSM – an event designed to engage with hundreds of women-owned businesses across the U.S. to champion more female supplier diversity in the corporate supply chain. Several women-owned businesses will be invited to participate in an educational incubator program through an online application process, where each business-owner will have a potential opportunity to pitch their business ideas to corporations. The purpose of the event is to help encourage corporations to invest in more resources to expand female entrepreneurship.

Businesses invited will receive dedicated training as well as feedback from supply chain and business experts on how to develop surefire business pitches. Following the incubator program, selected businesses will then have a chance to present their company capabilities as potential vendors. The program will focus on the following principles:

Covering the Basics & Content for the Perfect Pitch  

Understanding Your Value Proposition with a Business Assessment,  

Insurance 101 and Goal Setting  

Knowing, Understanding and Working with Your Corporate Clients  

Branding Your Business  

Final Pitch Preparation and the Evolving Role of Technology 

If your business is at least 51% female-owned, then you can apply now for a chance to pitch corporations like WM and others and potentially become a supplier for one or more of the event's corporate sponsors.

Check out the full timeline for the events below:

June 14 - July 16 – Applications open for women-owned businesses to apply for 2021 Share the GreenSM event.

July 21 – Selected women-owned businesses notified of invitation into incubator phase of 2021 Share the GreenSM event.

July 26 - August 13 Prepare. Evolve. Deliver.: An educational incubator process  to prepare women-owned businesses for pitches to  participating corporations. Businesses will be invited to participate in 3-5 hours per week of virtual training to  prepare their proposals and receive training and input from supply chain and business experts on their pitches.  

Women-owned businesses will submit a pre-recorded elevator pitch to WM panelists for the opportunity to be invited to participate in the final pitch phase.  

August 13 – Selected participants notified if they are invited to participate in the final Share the GreenSM pitch phase.  

Week of August 16 – Share the GreenSM practice pitch week.

August 24 - Share the GreenSM final phase welcome and kickoff.

August 24-25 – Invited women-owned businesses pitch participating corporations.

August 26 – Women’s Equality Day: Corporations announce name(s) of  any women-owned businesses with whom they’ve elected to engage.

Find out how you can apply to participate in the event by visiting https://sharethegreen.wm.com/.

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