The era of Y2K is enjoying a resurgence. It’s always nice seeing trends come back around and be appreciated in ways they weren’t when originally introduced. The early 2000s were known for so much from music, fashion, race, and politics. Some may think of Paris Hilton and the McBling Era when thinking of the early aughts, while some may think of Kimora Lee Simmons and Roc-a-Wear. That time gave us so much inspiration, specifically within fashion. Whether it was low-rise jeans, flip phones, or blinged-out tops, nothing compares to the tiny and rugged purses that were seen in the early 2000s.

What do Y2K Bags Look like?

Y2K bags aren’t much different from bags now, except they were authentic to that time. These bags incorporated a lot of texture. Some were made of pleather or super shiny materials. A lot of purses were smaller, leaning into the tiny purse trend and played into print, pockets, embellishments, and patterns.

Best Affordable Purse

Juoxeepy Multipocket Shoulder Bag

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Amazon

For an authentic Y2K look, most would think to reach for a Balenciaga City or Moto bag, but those bags range from $500 to $1600. While they are a perfect interpretation of the early aughts style, who’s to say this trend is worth that kind of investment? For a close dupe, the Juoxeepy Multipocket Shoulder Bag offers the same silhouette, pocket accessories, tassels, and similar material for just $30.

Best Shoulder Bag

JW PEI Tessa Crushed Shoulder Bag

Crescent-shaped bags were extremely popular in the early aughts. Not only is this bag an accurate interpretation of the shape, but the buckles and tassels add a layer of style that screams Y2K.

Best Denim Bag

Brandon Blackwood Quincy Top Handle Bag

Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom

When thinking of the early 2000s, only one outfit, or outfits, come to mind: Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s Canadian tuxedos at the MTV Music Video Awards. What better way to commemorate that than going the extra mile and wearing an all-denim bag that is Black-owned?

Best Metallic Bag

Azazie Metallic Chain Underarm Bag

Metallic bags are an easy buy, not only because of the Y2K trend but also because they work for a multitude of eras outside of this trend. Whether in a neutral color or not, metallic accessories and bags always add a pop to your outfit.

Best Edgy Bag

JW Pei Jana Hollow Out Shoulder Bag

If you’re aiming to tap into the edgier side of the Y2K trend, explore the “moto-racing” or “motocross” sectors of the era. This bag, which replicates the cut-out style of edgy motocross pants, is the perfect homage.

Best Crescent Bag

Wild Fable Crescent Shoulder Handbag

When it comes to the aforementioned crescent-shaped bags, the less constructed, the better. This Wild Fable Crescent Shoulder Handbag is not only $20, but it’s a simpler and cleaner version of a lot of the other Y2K bags we’ve seen before, while still paying homage to the silhouette.