What do you know about strengthening the pelvic floor of your vagina with the assistance of a beautiful stone?

Yoni eggs are polished, egg-shaped, semi-precious stones designed to support the health and vitality of the vagina. Some come drilled with a string attached for easy removal while others have no string attached and encourage you to trust the journey the egg has in store for you — meaning you wait until it's ready to release itself. Yoni eggs are inserted for the blessings of each respective stone but also for pelvic floor strengthening achieved by pelvic muscle exercises known as Kegels. The eggs take this practice to the next level as they provides the yoni with something to hold on to. These eggs are also helpful for practicing vaginal weightlifting, a practice that goes beyond contracting and relaxing of Kegels and demands full-on pelvic floor attention for lifting and holding an egg. If this sounds fascinatingly foreign, you gon' learn today! vaginal weightlifting

Here are 10 benefits of vaginal weightlifting:

  1. Increase your orgasms

No sexually active woman should be experiencing sex without the bliss kiss! We are also responsible for our own pleasure and orgasms and this is one of the ways to achieve them by strengthening your pelvic floor.

2. Experience better, more intense orgasms


Not only will your orgasms increase but they will become more intense. Have you ever had a full body, out of this world, cosmic orgasm that stops space and time? Well, yeah, it's possible.

3. Get your squirt on

You do know men aren't the only ones who ejaculate, right? When women do, some people call the fluid "Amrita" or "Nectar of the Goddess." The word is Sanskrit and literally translates to "immortality." Frequent practice with Goddess eggs can help you achieve this.

4. Keep your internal organs intact (i.e., no pelvic organ prolapse)

Sometimes gravity and childbirth get the best of women. There are too many of us who have lost our ability to dance, run and feel like the women we once were. We can be healed. There is nothing too hard for goddess!

5. Experience smoother childbirth and recover more quickly

I'm careful not to promise by using a Goddess Egg you will have a happier, smoother childbirth experience because each experience is different. Pain is relative. But what I do know is the stronger your pelvic floor the better your ability to push and sustain the stress of giving birth.

6. Increase your sexual energy and appetite

Sexual energy is creative energy, is life energy. When your sex drive is low it can affect your overall quality of life.

7. Kiss urinary incontinence goodbye

How many of you, since giving birth, can't laugh, cough or sneeze without letting out a little bit of pee when you do? This is serious stuff. No grown woman wants to risk walking around with pee-soaked panties.

8. Increase your natural lubrication

Yoni weightlifting will help cure dryness. Well, that and your water intake, your diet, and… you get the point!

9. Increase your vitality

We might not realize it but vaginal health is at the center of our entire health and well-being. A weak and numb vagina means a very weak and unhealthy body.

10. Increase sensitivity

Practicing with your egg will help you connect with your vagina in a way that provides more awareness resulting in greater sensitivity and pleasure. Again, understand your vagina is the center of your body. It is a part of your core. When you give it a lift, everything else will follow.