Beyoncé’s longtime publicist Yvette Noel-Schure and Tyler Perry are joining forces to hopefully find the killer of a young gay man. The two are offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who can provide information that will lead to the conviction of the person who killed 23-year-old Josiah “Jonty” Robinson. Robinson was a talented singer in Noel-Schure’s home country of Grenada. He was killed in June, reportedly for being gay. Robinson had been like a son to Noel-Schure. 

A Heartbreaking Loss

On Wednesday, Perry took to his Instagram to share a picture carousel of Robinson that included photographs from the young man’s burial. In one, Noel-Schure is pictured hugging Robinson’s mother. The image in the slide shows Robinson’s mom in obvious despair at the passing of her son. 

“A few days ago I got an extremely heartbreaking phone call from my friend, Yvette Noel-Schure. Through her tears and grief she was telling me that in her home country of Grenada, a young man that was like a son to her was murdered. My soul ached as she shared that he was a young, gifted singer who was murdered because he was gay,” Perry wrote in the caption accompanying his post.

The “Madea” franchise creator continued, sharing that the situation was reminiscent of the Matthew Shepard situation. Shepard was also targeted for his sexuality.

“This kid was 23, how is this ok?,” Perry questioned referring to Robinson.

Perry went on to call out other cases that he is involved with.

“This pain is too common – the same pain of Marcia Williams, who I’ve been trying to help to find out what happened to her son Terrance in Collier County, Florida for years now. The pain of not knowing can be crippling. It’s the pain that my sister and I carry not knowing what truly happened to my 25-year-old nephew, who we were told hung himself in prison just 3 years ago. The pain of not knowing is truly gut-wrenching,” he said.

Perry closed out his caption by asking  that anyone with information call police adding an assurance that information can be disclosed anonymously.

Noel-Schure reposted Tyler Perry’s Instagram post writing, “Rest in Power my beautiful JONTY. The love you were in this world is following you, my love. Today my friend @tylerperry is standing up for you. He is standing up with your mommy and me to find Justice for you. Thank you Tyler. You are an Angel on earth.”