Rapper Drake received a surprise gift from his father during his latest concert, a gigantic bra. The “Sticky” rapper held up the pink, large undergarment to the crowd at his concert calling it the end of a saga before realizing, that it wasn’t thrown from the crowd as is often the case. It turns out it was his father who had made it for him. His father left him a card alongside the larger-than-life sized bra that read, “Dad’s wishing big things for you, I love you.”

Zoba Martin is the Canadian-based couture and ready-to-wear designer who made the bra.

“I worked on the bra for a whole day and finished it the next morning,” she told 21Ninety.

Martin has worked on other projects for Drake, including the famous durag veil worn in his “Falling Back” video. She posted a process video of herself working on the bra on Instagram.

“Made this in my hotel room with a take out bag for the patterns and a Juki domestic sewing machine,” Martin shared in the caption of the process video.

Martin tells 21Ninety that her design language is extra, delicate and feminine.

“I like playing with intricate fabrics, sparkly/crystal embellishments, etc,” the designer explained.

That design sensibility is immediately apparent in this gigantic pink bra, which is generously adorned with gemstones and petals. According to her website, Martin enjoys using her creative skills to contribute to body positivity by designing elegant and feminine pieces for all body types.

“She is driven by the belief that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well; therefore, excellence is one principle that guides her work,” the site reads.

A Divinely Inspired Process

Martin’s Instagram page and website are filled with the many custom and ready-to-wear pieces she has created over the years. The Nigerian-born designer has worked on three of Drake’s music videos. She has also had her designs walk a handful of runway shows. 

Photo credit: Zoba Martin

While talking about where she draws inspiration from, Martin tells 21Ninety that God and her mother are her biggest drivers.

“I’m guided by the most high as I create. I call my mum when I feel stuck on a design and she always has the right suggestion to keep me rolling. The nipple on the bra was her idea,” she explained with a life. ” She’s a fashionista and always has stacks of fabric ready for me to create with.”