With everything going on in the world right now, it may seem like we live in an age of anxiety, where feeling distressed, worried, and upset has become the norm. Although life can get difficult, the past two years have been especially anxiety-inducing. Sometimes, we are not sure what will happen next or what the future holds in life or relationships. The great thing is that music can be an amazing anxiety outlet. African music has recently taken the world by storm and continues to gain popularity with time. Although some lyrics may be in the African lingua, they are still incredibly calming, inspiring, and hopeful. Here is a list of 10 songs from the motherland that you should add to your playlist and listen to today. 

Intro by Davido

"I'm a shooting star

 in a blockbuster

I'm a young stunner…"

While certain parts of this song might seem incomprehensible at first listen, "Intro" is a song that allows listeners to live vicariously through Davido. It might take several listens to get it to grow on you, but it is every inch of good rhythmic vibes.

Appreciate It by 2Baba

"As I'm standing here, I want to celebrate it,

See, I don't wanna regret it

Every single second, I am saying

I appreciate it,

See, I don't wanna waste it

No time to start to negotiate it

That's why I sing, I sing this joyful song…"

The first time you play "Appreciate It," you'll probably be taken in by the euphoric, hopeful rhythm of the song. The artist, popularly known as "2Baba" and formerly known as "2Face," is a legend in the Nigerian music scene and has been known to create a massive number of hits over the past two decades, and "Appreciate It" is one of them.

Running To You by Chiké & Simi

"Running To You" is a laid-back ballad that is delightful, soulful, and crisp. The two artists bring this dreamy song to life by seamlessly riding the waves of the acoustics that make up the core of the song. This record has a gently calming effect.

Anadwo by Sarkodie ft. King Promise

Sarkodie is one of Ghana's beloved multiple award-winning rappers, and "Anadwo" is just another hit in his robust catalog. This romantic ballad has all of the makings of the perfect soundtrack.

Sweet Life Remix by Fally Ipupa ft 2Baba & Naeto C

This song is the perfect Afro-fusion of Congolese and Nigerian musical magic. In this remix of his song "Sweet Life," Congolese singer-songwriter Fally Ipupa croons in French about the positive sides of life, while 2Baba and Naeto C infuse the song with broken English and rap. If you are adventurous with music, add this to your playlist. 

Be About It by Lira 

"A beautiful world in critical times

A turning point for all mankind

What you gonna do

About what surrounds around you

What you go do

About where you are right now.."

Lira's "Be About It" is an anthem of hope from her "Born Free" album. The South African Singer starts off the song by acknowledging that there is some beauty in the world, and in times of anxiety, fear, and depression, it can be hard to remember that. She then goes on to encourage the listener to:

"Think about it

Speak about it.

Be about it."

Oya Come Make We Go by 2Baba ft. Sauti Sol

"Oya come we go

Make we go to all the places wey we talk say we go like to go before

Make we go, make we see

Wetin them dey do for there

Make we feel am make we check am…"

Nigeria's 2Baba teams up with Kenya's Afro-Pop band Sauti Sol to share this euphoric song titled "Oya Come Make We Go," which encourages people to continue to dream without limits and go towards the direction of their dreams.

Let's Go Dancing By Simphiwe Dana 

This song by South African singer-songwriter Simphiwe Dana is happy and hopeful. As soon as you hit "play" on the song "Let's Go Dancing," you are almost tempted to bob your head back and forth immediately. The music video itself is dreamy and idyllic with bright and vibrant hues. A masterpiece!

Somebody's Son by Tiwa Savage ft. Brandy

When Tiwa Savage released this song last year featuring Brandy, the two powerhouses immediately drew a lot of buzz and applause online. Apart from having a brilliant video, "Somebody's Son" is an epic anthem of love, hope, and sultry musical goodness! Plus, Brandy singing in Yoruba will forever live rent-free in my head.

Beautiful by Tiwah Hillz ft. Keri Hilson 

"The sun woke me up with a kiss on my chocolate skin…

My soul kissed it back with a light that shines from within…"

This song is a beautiful ode to anyone who has ever doubted their beauty in any way. It is always nice to have a pick me up, and this song does just that. It also features the one and only Miss Keri baby, singer-songwriter extraordinaire.