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Throughout this week, co-founder, Richard Bailey, will provide us with a healthy dose of fitness-related articles that can be found on GrpFit. Here is one article, in particular, on 10 attainable health and fitness goals for beginners:

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It can be hard to figure out exactly what you want out of your health and fitness journey. But here are some specific goals that you can accomplish to get you off to a great start.

1. Learn How to Do a “Real” Push-up

Time to let go of those assisted push-ups and learn how to do a real one. I know this is a struggle for a lot of us but research how to correctly do a push-up. Study how to get the right form and eventually you will be able to do a real one with no problem. If you can do at least one real push-up, you are definitely getting somewhere.

2. Increase the Reps in Your Workout

As you continue to exercise, amp up the intensity of your workout and increase your reps in each set. If last week you did 20 reps per set, this week take it up to 30 reps. You don’t want your workout to become stagnant. So, try to challenge yourself each week. You’ll be amazed by what you have accomplished as you get further into your journey.

3. Take the Stairs

Here’s something we always seem to avoid. The stairs. I know it can be easy just to take the elevator, but take the stairs for once and get your body warmed up throughout the day. But aren’t you tired of breathing heavy and sweating after walking up a flight of stairs? If you take the stairs every day, it won’t be long until you can go up two flights of stairs with a breeze.

4. Get More Flexible

A nice goal to set when you are first beginning your journey is to improve your flexibility. More specifically, maybe you can strive to be able to touch your toes without bending your knees if you cannot already. If you can, look for other ways to improve your flexibility through yoga. Try some of the more challenging positions and you will get better at them each day. After a few weeks you will probably be able to hit some yoga poses with no problem.

5. Drink More Water

Some of us love to drink our juice and soda but this will not contribute to your weight loss. Instead, it will only hinder you. These sugary drinks will slow you down and keep up your cravings, so strive to drink a gallon a day. You will feel so refreshed and clean after this and you will have more energy throughout the day and during your workout. If you do not like the taste of plain water, chop up some lemons, berries, and cucumbers to have fruit infused water. It is tasty and super refreshing.

6. Get 10,000 Steps a Day

Try to get your body moving more throughout the day. Whether that means taking the stairs instead of the elevator or purposefully parking your car further away from the grocery store. Whatever gets you moving more, then take that route. If you get your body used to activity, you won’t be so drained during your workout. You’ll thank yourself later when you can easily put on your new pair of jeans.

7. Limit Fast Food to 1 Day a Week

Most of us like to get quick bites because we are always so busy. However, instead of always getting fast food, prepare meals for the week and you will save money and calories. If you must, eat fast food on the weekends for one day and try to eat healthy throughout the rest of the week.

8. Hold A Plank for More than One Minute

Holding a plank can be pretty difficult once you first start. But as you get more and more comfortable set the timer a few seconds longer each time you do the plank. Start with 15 seconds, then 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, and so on. It takes time but you will be very proud of yourself when you see how far you’ve come.

9. Improve your Balance

I know most of us struggle with holding our balance and that is because most of us lack the core strength to do this. Try to improve your balance everyday by lowering yourself slowly into a single leg squat. This position will burn but it will get easier every day.

10. Go to the Doctor

While eating right and exercising is great, make sure that you are regularly going to the doctor to make sure everything is right with you. Ladies, make sure to get your mammograms and conduct self-breast exams and fellas make sure you are getting your prostate exams as you get older. This may seem like common knowledge but some of us fail to go to the doctor and take care of ourselves. So, start making your appointments and make sure you have a clean bill of health.

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