You spent a lot of time and energy achieving your box braids, but what now? Don’t just settle for the same old ‘do every day. Show off your braids and try out some new looks while you’re at it. 

There are styles for big hair, long hair and all types of beautiful natural hair. For those of you who can’t get enough of your braids, we even have some braids you can make out of your braids. From the lazy girl who still wants to catch someone’s eye to the fashionista looking to pay homage to the ‘90s, there’s something for everybody.

Make sure you get the most out of your braids by trying some of these great styles below:

  1. A throwback to the ‘90s that still looks fresh today

  2. Some sleek looks for a special occasion or date night 

  3. Spice up your look (and extend your time between washes) with a hair wrap 

  4. Halloween isn’t the only reason to dress like your idols

  5. There’s something even for the hipsters out there

  6. If your braids are as big as your personality

  7. Long hair, don’t care

  8. It’s like braid-ception

  9. Be your own favorite social media influencer 

  10. rock your natural hair and have fun with braids, too!