Your significant other is so special to you. They are the ones who see you on your best days and your worst, yet they still choose to give you a kiss and hold you at the end of the day. They deserve something special to celebrate how much they mean to you. Here are some DIY gifts that show your boo how wonderful they are — straight from the heart.

  1. Camera strap


If your boo really loves to snap pictures on the weekend or is actually a pro on the DSLR, make sure they're carrying you around wherever they go. You can make a more personalized camera strap that is not only comfortable, but also unique to your S.O.’s style. There are numerous options out there, whether it be a leather braided strap or a canvas painted print. This gift is really picture perfect.

  1. Comic book coasters


If you’re dealing with a serious comic book fan, check out this method of making personalized coasters. In reality, you could probably use whatever your S.O. is obsessed with — GQ, The New Yorker, Doonesbury comics, etc. 

  1. Bath bombs


If your boo is always stressed or just loves to just chill out, a homemade set of bath bombs could be the perfect gift. The best part about this is that you can personalize every aspect of these bombs — the scent, texture, color, etc. This means that this gift is created with love for your loved one. There are a lot of great recipes out there for bath bombs, such as this one with a coconut oil base

  1. Polaroid coasters


These coasters are a great way to display all the great times the two of you have had together, while also protecting your precious furniture from glasses and bowls. 

  1. Date-themed gift


This gift is like a date in a box. It’s a guaranteed special night between you and your S.O. You can be the one making the plans this time instead of always debating where to eat. 

  1. Knit blanket


If you both love cozying up under the blankets and watching Netflix, this gift is for you. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to knit, there are instructions for methods such as arm knitting out there meant for beginners to the craft. 

  1. Flavored Salts

Photo: Country Living

If your loved one is adept in the kitchen, it might be time to help them step their cooking game up a notch. Try to create these flavored salts to help up their game next time they’re making their favorite dish. What’s even better is that these are incredibly simple to make, and can easily be wrapped up in a nice package.

  1. Initial mug


Maybe your boo is a coffee addict (who isn’t these days?). Remind them of you every morning with this personalized mug that looks straight from Anthropologie. 

  1. Patron soap dispenser


This very stylish soap dispenser would look great on anybody’s bathroom or kitchen sink, regardless of what their personal style is. You can do this with your significant other’s drink of choice, no matter if it’s alcoholic or not. 

'52 things I love about you' deck


This gift is the perfect amount of cheesy. You can give these to remind your loved one why you love them in the first place for a rainy day or just when they need a little more encouragement.