The mind is the fertile ground where we plant the ideologies that form the foundations of our lives. Our mental state profoundly affects what we manifest and who we eventually become. Here are ten ways to make sure that the powerhouse of your life continues to be a healthy environment.

Acknowledge The Root of Your Anxiety: 

Acknowledging that something might be amiss when we would rather have tranquil and perfect lives is daunting. Sometimes it feels like owning the problem almost gives it life. However, to manage and eventually calm your anxiety, you have to know why it's there in the first place and understand that it does not define you. 

Disregard Everything You Tell Yourself In the Dark: 

Being alone with our thoughts can be terrifying. We often beat ourselves up mentally when we are alone, and the blanket of darkness that covers us at night adds some dramatic feel to the already somber thoughts. So, before bed, take a cup of tea or a warm glass of milk – anything that will help you fall asleep faster, and try to shut off your thoughts.

Social Media Is Not Always Reality: 

We often have this bad habit of comparing the lowest parts OF OURSELVES to the polished, refined, and perfected versions of other people we see on social media. Seeing people half your age posting about their extraordinary feats can often leave us feeling unaccomplished and unworthy. Social media highlights the highs and conveniently leaves out the lows and struggles. Do not let this trigger or upset you.

Ignore Society's Clock

We all know society's expectations for us to be done with school, be in a relationship, and get married at a certain age. While these are remarkable achievements, toxic and constricting timelines have been attached to these milestones, ultimately marginalizing people and putting them in three boxes; the ones who have it all early, the ones who are right on time, and the ones who fall outside of those expectations. This timeline is a source of anxiety for many, and simply disregarding it will do wonders for your mental health. 

Block, Unfollow, And Delete: 

While social media has done a world of good, there is no doubt that it has come with unspoken rules attached. For example, you do not have to follow that one ex that did you dirty just to prove that you are over the entire debacle. Prioritizing your health and well-being should be your primary concern, including blocking, unfollowing, and deleting anyone that triggers your anxiety. 

Never Self-Diagnose: 

While it may be tempting to reach for that bottle of liquid courage and throw caution to the wind with anything else that helps you relieve your nerves, long-term, healthy strategies will be far more effective and sustainable than taking an extra shot. On your journey to mental fortitude, it is important to develop resilience against things that could potentially make you dependent on them. Over time, these things can even heighten the emotions you are feeling in the moment. 

Identify Your Triggers: 

Recognize the little things that trigger you, understand what makes you upset, and slowly work from there. You can take one of two approaches by avoiding those triggers or confronting them head-on by understanding why they trigger you and steadily but surely working to develop some form of immunity towards them. 

Respect Yourself: 

Half of the time, we talk to ourselves in ways that we would never dream of talking to other people. Speak to yourself like you're someone that you respect and cherish. Your thoughts are the most constant feedback you will ever get on yourself, and if that feedback is consistently negative, you will realize that those thoughts will manifest as character traits such as self-loathing and anxiety. 

Develop Boundaries: 

Prioritize your peace as you embark on the healing journey. You never have to over-exert yourself. If you don't feel like going anywhere on a particular day, you absolutely do not have to. You can politely but firmly communicate your feelings and keep those boundaries sturdily in place. 

Build A Toolbox: 

Building a toolbox can include having a concise routine for the days that you know you might spend alone. On the lonely weekends, you can pull out a face mask, light some candles and plop down on your couch armed with your favorite snacks, ready to take on a Netflix show. A toolbox is a collection of resources that will pick you up when you don't have the energy to do that on your own. 

Healing is a process, and little things have a profound effect in the long run. Putting on a show that you've seen before can help you manage the anxiety that comes with uncertainty. Practicing small talk in the mirror before you head out the door can also help you. Either way, be gentle with yourself. You are worth the effort.