We celebrate a lot of things in June and Pride Month is one of them. The purpose of the commemorative month is to recognize the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have had on history locally, nationally and internationally. To celebrate this community we decided to highlight 10 LGBTQ+ Black beauty influencers that will not only inspire you to be more creative in your beauty routine but also encourage you to unapologetically be yourself!

Autumn Angelize: @looksbyotto

@looksbyotto isn’t afraid to be bold and daring when it comes to makeup. She often uses bright arrays of color to create master pieces on her face. She’s pro black, pro art, pro love and filled with plenty of creativity.


Jacinda: @adultsdrink

@adultsdrink gives beauty and body goals! Jacinda deserves all her credit for creating the uniliner. The uniliner consists of winged eyeliner on both eyes, joined together over the bridge of the nose. Safe to say the beauty industry needs to put some respect on Jacinda’s name!


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Myla: @pradaolic

@pradaolic radiants beauty, joy and boldness! From switching up her hair to switching up her style, Myla is sure to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and get in touch with your creative side.


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Wendy Asumadu: @wendysworld_xox

@wendysworld_xox isn’t afraid to paint her face with designs you’ve never seen before! We love the fact that she’s also the founder of the popular hashtag and account EditorialBLK, which celebrates Black editorial artists and helps provide them opportunities.

Char Ellesse: @ellessechar

@ellessechar likes to be known as the unapologetic queer black woman of your dreams. Char keeps it simple but yet bold with her eye makeup. She’s a genius when it comes to creative winged liner and she’s a proud advocate for Black women, mental health, and many other crucial topics.

Nikki: @nikkicallowayy

@nikkicallowayy often uses the sun and golden hour to highlight her beauty and body. She blends eye make up so effortlessly and exudes confident in every post.

Khai: @blackbirdkhai

@blackbirdkhai is not only creative in their beauty but also in their words. Let us just leave this right here for you to soak in and enjoy.

When I see the color black, I think of protection. I think of being hidden in the cover of night, like my ancestors traveling to freedom. I think of a richness, flavorful, seasoned. I think of a depth of mystery and hidden knowledge, only available if you surrender & step fully into the darkness. I think of fertile ground, blackened by the nutrients. I think of wealth & power, like the energy of a black jaguar. I think of freedom & bliss like a blackbird flying high.


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Tika: @tikamargarita

When it comes to @tikamargarita it’s all about the details! Tika’s precision and skill is sure to wow you over and over again.

Gabrielle: @fridacashflow

@fridacashflow cheekbones alone are enough to make you want to hit follow! This west indian angel has natural beauty for days and uses her platform to speak up against injustice.


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@kluermoi1 is perfect to follow for not only everyday makeup and going out makeup but you can also learn hair tips at the same time! Can’t forget to mention that @kluermoi1 also promotes body positivity and mental health strategies.