Libras and their harmony-loving nature and trend-setting ways, know how to stand fully and stylishly in their light. Libras know how to show up, socialize, and celebrate others, so it’s only right that the rest of the zodiac signs big up Libras too. As Libra season goes into full swing, we’re celebrating the season with a list of the top 10 Libra women we adore.

Key Traits of Libras

Those born under Libra (September 23 – October 22) are known for being unthinkably popular and masters at flirting. As air signs, these social butterflies can make friends with just about anyone but hold a special exclusivity for their loved ones. Symbolized by the scales, they make a habit of maintaining balance wherever they go. The hopeless romantics of the zodiac are ruled by Venus. Looking well-put-together and being naturally delighted by beautiful things is in their nature.

These celebrity Libra women rep their sign well and, of course, do so with inimitable ease and an infectious smile.

Libra Women We Can’t Help But Adore

Serena Williams

Serena Williams (September 26, 1981), is one of the most popular athletes in this entire world. The tennis champ has too much style and elegance to be any other sign than a Libra.

Doja Cat

Daring Doja Cat (October 21, 1995) pushes fashion and music boundaries whenever she feels like it. Libra energy is all about feeling confident while reinventing and trying new things, which this rapper and singer does without question.

Cardi B

A Libra isn’t a Libra if they’re not dipping into creative lyricism, fashion, and politics all in the same week. Cardi B (October 11, 1992) embodies her sign as a woman who knows how to be the life of the party, providing generations with music to keep dance floors packed.


An icon, an original “it girl,” and a humble soul, Ashanti (October 13, 1980) is a perfect picture of big Libra energy. Ashanti’s name is one that holds weight in the music industry and in true Libra fashion, Ashanti lets her talents speak for themselves.

Toni Braxton

R&B wouldn’t be the same without Toni Braxton. As a singer and songwriter, Braxton (October 7, 1967) added her fair share of love and heartbreak songs. It could only be Venus-ruled Libra’s influence that makes this such a signature voice in the genre.

Keyshia Cole

It’s obvious that Keyshia Cole (October 15, 1981), is a Libra. The songstress poured everything she into the love songs of a generation. Let’s not forget her signature hair colors and unapologetic self-expression.

MC Lyte

As far as trendsetting Libras go, MC Lyte (October 11, 1970) has it covered. Hip Hop just wouldn’t look the same without the presence of this Libra. Both lyrically and fashionably, this Libra changed the game.

Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson (October 3, 1983) is a Libra. Her effortless style, confident stage presence, and the hold she has on Hollywood makes it obvious. The ‘Creed’ actress also has been praised a couple times for being the best-dressed in Hollywood, but keeps it absolutely lowkey and effortless, quietly attracting attention in multiple industries.

Michaela Coel

The Ghanaian-British actress and filmmaker makes a habit of turning heads with her talent, cheekbones, wit, and personality like a true Libra woman. Coel (October 1, 1987), the ‘I May Destroy You’ writer sits within the faction of Libra women who aren’t afraid to have the necessary conversations using art and social commentary.

Naomi Osaka

Business owner and professional tennis player Naomi Osaka (October 16, 1997) is a four-time Grand Slam champion and the first Asian player to hold the number-one ranking, which shows her determined and strategic Libra essence.