Each morning is the beginning of a fresh start to conquer the day. With the rollercoaster year, we've all experienced, it's safe to say, extending ourselves a little grace can go a long way. And one of the most valuable ways to achieve this is by speaking kindly to ourselves and mentally stimulating our minds with morning affirmations. The magnitude of our thoughts can shape our day-to-day and can positively turn things around.

Hopefully, these ten affirmations by Black women from all walks of life will help you in your pursuit of happiness, abundance and boost your confidence to the next level. Remember, you are one-of-a-kind. Your presence is a present to all those who you encounter, and you are worthy of all of the greatness that comes your way.

“Today I affirm: To nurture and nourish every part of me. Not just the whole and good, but the wounded and healing.” Alex Elle 

  1. “The universe is working in your favor. Everything is happening for you. Feel good about it. Expect good news and great breakthroughs.”– Idil Ahmed

  1. “I celebrate my victories and embrace my failures as opportunities to learn and grow.” –   Satya Nelms of Mater Mea 

  1. “Be the person you are most fearless with.”Cleo Wade

  1. “You are healthy. Your mind is healthy. Your spirit is healthy. Your heart is healthy. Your body is healthy. Because you’re healthy, you are whole. Because you’re whole, you’re prepared for your opportunities.”Janelle Harris

  1. “Am I good enough? Yes, I am.” – Michelle Obama 

  1. “I create a life I enjoy living, a life I love and am proud of – and from that place others are inspired to be and do the same.”Toni Jones

  1. “You have a right to the universe. You are given that right simply by being born.” – Shonda Rhimes 

  1. “I am becoming a better version of myself each day.”Les of Balanced Black Girl

“I will breathe in confidence and exhale fear.”Brittany of Black Girl Affirmed