Pregnancy is a spiritual journey that can challenge and push you beyond your limits in many ways. If you are currently expecting, congratulations. The process can be both nerve-wracking and beautiful. Positive affirmations can significantly retrain the brain and stimulate positive moods. Here are ten powerful affirmations to remember when pregnancy days get tough.

“My Body Is Beyond Beautiful”

Pregnancy can change the human body in many different ways. Hormonal changes and body weight gain are not uncommon before and after pregnancy. If your body has significantly changed, it can be difficult to process. It is helpful to be gracious to yourself and know that your body is growing another human body and looks incredibly beautiful.

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“I Am Worthy”

Every pregnancy is different, and it can be easy to become despondent when you don’t feel upbeat as upbeat ad chirpy as you think you should. An important thing to know is that you are worthy, and you are not a bad mother for not fully feeling your best during pregnancy.

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“I Deserve The Best Healthcare”

Black maternal health is a touchy topic that has been on the receiving end of a lot of scrutiny and study. Pregnancy can make it easy to become concerned about whether you will get the proper access to healthcare throughout your pregnancy. This affirmation is a confirmation that you do deserve the best healthcare, and you do have options.

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“I Have Options”

Black doulas have become a force in the healthcare industry. Doulas have become powerful allies by advocating for minority women and their birthing process. Having a doula with you can be incredibly empowering.

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“I Will Have A Safe Delivery”

It can be easy to become discouraged and even fearful of the stats around minority birthing experiences; it is vital to know that you will have a safe delivery and that everything will work out in your favor.

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“My Baby And I Are Healthy.”

Carrying a child is no easy feat, and it can be easy to worry about whether you and your baby are thriving during pregnancy. Remember to affirm that the both of you will make it through, and your child will come out on the other side with an unbreakable bond, and you will both be in perfect health.

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“My Life Matters”

As a minority, the stories of horrible birthing experiences can feel overwhelming and can ultimately make you feel as though your life does not matter. However, it does, and it is important to remind yourself consistently of that.

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“I Will Give Birth At The Perfect Time”

In life, the right timing is crucial for everything, including giving birth. Always remind yourself that everything regarding your child’s birth will happen when the time is perfect. Do not be anxious about anything; try to trust the process.

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“I Will Be An Amazing Mom”

Each pregnancy is different, and every child is unique. However, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are as a mom, it can be easy to worry about motherhood and whether you will do a good job with your little one. You will. Always remember that.

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“My Child Is A Gift”

Different circumstances happen after and before pregnancy, but it is important to remember one thing: your child is a beautiful gift. Children bring joy, and if you have any hesitation about what life will look like after childbirth, remember that children are precious gifts, and everything will fall into place when your bundle of joy is born.

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