In an unpredictable world, personal safety is a paramount concern. Carrying a self-defense tool can provide an added layer of protection, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Women, in particular, can benefit greatly from carrying a self-defense tool. The sad reality is that they may be more vulnerable to physical threats. A compact and affordable self-defense tool can empower women to feel more secure when navigating their daily lives. Whether walking to the car after work or jogging in a secluded area, having a reliable tool within reach can provide peace of mind.

State-Specific Considerations

It’s crucial to note that self-defense laws vary by state. Before purchasing any of these tools, familiarize yourself with your state’s regulations to ensure compliance. Some states restrict certain types of weapons or impose specific conditions for carrying them in public. Stay updated on your area’s regulations to steer clear of legal issues.

21Ninety has rounded up ten self-defense tools under $50.

10 Self-Defense Tools Under $50

Pepper Spray

A classic and effective choice, pepper spray is compact, easy to use, and temporarily incapacitates attackers. Look for models with UV marking dye for easier suspect identification.

Personal Alarm Keychain

Emitting a loud sound when activated, personal alarms draw attention to your situation, potentially deterring attackers. They are discreet and can be attached to your keys or bag.

Tactical Pen

This dual-purpose tool serves as a functional writing instrument and a self-defense tool. Its sturdy construction makes it an inconspicuous yet effective option.

Kubotan Keychain

Small but powerful, the kubotan is a handheld self-defense tool designed to enhance striking power. It’s discreet and can be attached to your keychain for easy access.

Compact Stun Gun

Stun guns deliver an electric shock upon contact, providing a non-lethal yet incapacitating effect. Opt for a compact model with built-in safety features.

Personal Safety Whistle

A simple yet effective tool, a whistle can attract attention in emergencies. It’s lightweight, affordable, and requires no training.

Door Stop Alarm

Perfect for home security, a door stop alarm wedges under a door and emits a loud alarm if someone attempts to force entry. It provides added security when staying in unfamiliar places.

Tactical Flashlight

A high-intensity flashlight can be a versatile self-defense tool. It illuminates dark areas and can temporarily blind and disorient an attacker when shone directly in their eyes.

Expandable Batons

Collapsible batons are discreet when not used but extend to provide a solid, striking surface. Check local regulations regarding the legality of carrying batons in your area.

Credit Card Knife

This compact, foldable knife, shaped like a credit card, can easily fit into your wallet. While unsuitable for all situations, it can be a discreet last resort.

In terms of personal safety, readiness is crucial. Investing in an affordable self-defense tool can provide security without draining your wallet. Remember to stay informed about your state’s laws and choose a tool that aligns with your comfort level and lifestyle. Your safety is worth the investment.