There’s nothing better than finally accepting that you deserve the finer things in life, and you should feel that way. If you want to pamper yourself with unique skincare or cosmetic products, here are some items you should add to your cart.

Milk Body Cleanser by fresh

This item is surprising because while the packaging is on the understated side, the rich fragrance of this body cleanser is top-tier. The product’s smell is reminiscent of the scent of a sophisticated, luxurious hotel in downtown Paris. 


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Sun Kiss & Tell Candle by FORVR Mood

Our good sis Jackie Aina put us on with this one. Sun Kiss & Tell is one of Sephora’s top-rated candles, and rightfully so. This item is perfect for a day of rest and refreshment. The fresh, floral scent of this candle is definitely worth the purchase.


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Fougère d’Argent by Tom Ford

Tom Ford is known for making luxurious items; this perfume is no exception. If you want to feel like you are 100% that girl, this is the one. The perfume smells of opulence and regality.


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Ameline Eau de Parfum by PHLUR

This perfume is both simultaneously playful and austere without going overboard. The fragrance is unique and has staying power. If you love perfume and have been looking for a new scent, this is the one.


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Noire Extreme by Tom Ford

Tom Ford makes the list again with this brilliant unisex perfume. Noire Extreme promises luxury in all shades with warm, woody, and spicy top notes. The combined chemistry of Indian kulfi, jasmine, and rose makes this perfume a hit.


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Chance Bath Tabs by Chanel

These bath tabs by Chanel are the perfect addition to bath time. The floral scent of the tabs is prominent yet not overpowering. The fresh jasmine scent is beautifully complemented by sparkling grapefruit, and bath supplements don’t get better than this.


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REPLICA’ Trio Travel Spray Set by Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela is a luxury brand that always delivers top-notch quality, and this fragrance travel set is no different. This fragrance set offers a variety of scents for you to choose from.

Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Pore Detox Face Mask with Salicylic Acid + Charcoal by Fenty Skin

This face mask is top-notch. We all know that anything Rihanna puts her name on will go hard, but this skin product is on another level. Upon applying it, it forms into a dull clay color, and after washing it off and putting on moisturizer, the afterglow is amazing.

Mini Leave-in Conditioner by PATTERN

Tracee Ellis Ross did an amazing job with the PATTERN hair conditioner, and overall brand. Everything from the quality of the packaging, to the effectiveness of the item, is perfection. This mini leave-in conditioner is a great way to keep your hair healthy and moisturized if you struggle with dryness.


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Youth Reformer Firming Vitamin C Oil Serum by FaceGym

This serum is excellent for the skin because it instantly gives the face a beautiful glow, and after a while of using it, it makes the skin firm yet soft. The combination of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.


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