Are you looking to spice things up in your romantic relationship? Well there’s no better place to start than in the bedroom. 

It’s been proven that sex games are a great way to kick the action of foreplay up a notch and get everyone’s engines running. Here are ten that are sure to leave both you and your partner wanting more of one another. 

  1. 1. Strip Twister

Now we know you know the game of “Twister” – why not take it up a notch and make things extra spicy? Play this game with your partner, and whenever someone makes a wrong move they’ll have to take off an article of clothing. Whoever ends up naked first has to pleasure the other person in whichever way they’d like. 

  1. 2. Dirty Jenga

Yes, grab yourself a box of Jenga and get ready for a hot and steamy night! Write a dirty dare on the back of each block, and whoever manages to knock down the structure has to perform the dirty dare that’s written on that block… you’ll thank us later.

  1. 3. A Vibrating Night On The Town?

Grab a pair of vibrating panties or wearable massagers for both you and your partner and throw them on before heading out for a night on the town. Switch remotes and get to turning on the pleasure. Whoever orgasms first (while keeping it low key) has to pick up the tab – or whatever dare you both decide on. 

  1. 4. Grab A Kama Sutra Deck Of Cards

Grab a kama sutra deck of cards and get to playing the card game. Both you and your partner are sure to learn new positions, which you’ll be able to demonstrate right there in the moment – this will more than likely lead to other activities.

  1. 5. The 30 Day Position Challenge

If you and your partner are feeling overly ambitious then why not challenge each other to thirty days of sex? And to make things extra spicy, everyday has to bring a new position. This challenge is bound to keep things fun and steamy. 

  1. 6. Eat Them Up!

Grab some whipped cream, fruit, nutella – whatever you’d like and get to decorating your partner’s body with the ingredients. The part that you’ll both enjoy is licking everything off at the end!

  1. 7. Roll The Oral Dice

Grab a pair of dice and get to rolling. However many dots appear, dictates how many minutes you have to pleasure your partner with oral. Good luck and remember to keep swapping!

  1. 8. Flavored Lube On The Body

Grab a flavored lubricant of your choice and dab on it different parts of your body. Then, ask your partner to locate the spots you dabbed the lube on with their mouths. We’re sure this game is bound to be an engine starter.

9. Work On A Yes/No/Maybe List

Sit down with your partner and begin writing down sexual activities you’d both like to explore, like to stay away from or may consider in the future. This activity will help you both get a sense of what you enjoy, as well as some new kinks you may have never known your partner would like.

  1. 10. Naked Cooking

Steam things up in the kitchen. When dinner time rolls around, you and your partner should get naked and begin preparing a meal that will be easy to cook in the oven. Set the timer and begin your foreplay. The goal is to finish things off before the timer goes off. Ready, set, go!