Curly hair and brand innovations, brought to the markets by enterprising leaders in curl, are the focus of naturalistas and curlistas around the world. Both are topics of discussion in forums across Types 2 to 4, with the primary focus being on which brands are giving us curlies the latest and greatest ingredients and outstanding product performance. So I decided to put an assortment of new curly hair products to the test on my dense Type 4C hair. As a willing product tester, revelations washed over me. Day after day, I discovered better ways to apply mousse, the best ingredients for low porosity hair strands, and just how great leave-in conditioners are for daily hydration and protecting curly ends from environmental damage. As more brands increase their offerings, we Type 4s need to stay abreast of the products that give our coily, kinky, and zig-zagging curls the most life for our buck. The list below details the best, new hair care products available on the market that work wonders on Type 4 coily hair.

Best Shampoos for Type 4C Softness and Natural Sheen

Over the past week, my main concern is answering a question that multiple women have asked me: How can I make my curly hair softer? Sadly, my answer often rings out with the same phlegmatic cadence: It depends on your texture type, which includes factors beyond just your curl pattern like density and hair strand width. Even saying it out loud sounds too much like lip service for me to remain comfortable. So I sampled a few shampoos on my low porosity, Type 4 coils, and recommend these to my fellow coily hair naturalistas seeking softer hair strands starting with Bounce Curl Pure Silk Moisturizing Shampoo, its scent makes this gentle cleanser a must-have.

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For premium-level softness, nutrient-packed Evlogies Naturals Fortifying Purifying Shampoo is the most reliable option I have found; it contains emollients argan and rosemary oils that hydrate hair strands. It also contains saw palmetto, tea tree oil, and nettle leaf extract, all of which prevent hair fall.

To get soft hair and replenish lost moisture after extensive wear of protective styles, get your hands on Dove Dandruff Care Shampoo (it saved my itching, flaky scalp).

Always follow up with a conditioner to lay your hair cuticles down, and seal your ends with a reliable hair oil, butter, or crème. Keep reading for the best on offer this Spring 2018!

A New Masque and Leave-In Conditioner for Dry Hair

The first line of beauty products to treat you with the love YOU deserve through our ColdPress Technology® infused with Organic Extracts to lock in all that is pure & wholesome. Unveil your hair’s full potential with a delectable blend of Avocado (stimulates hair growth), Banana Oil (volume luster), Coconut Milk (rich in hydration) and Honey (giving you strong hair). A Hair Masque suitable for all types of hair, with a significant coconut oil base that doesn’t strip your hair from it’s natural oils. Delicately made with thickness & essential nutrients, we give you an easy applicable lotion. Get #Rawlovin with this Sulfate & Paraben free Hair Masque. Available at select @target stores or 📸Via @mombeyondmom

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Fed up with their insatiable nature, I have been scouring the market for a hydrating hair masque and daily leave-in for my hair which losses moisture within an hour or two of walking out the door for work. The combination that is most effective for me is letting the Raw Sugar Hair Masque: Avocado + Banana Oil + Coconut Milk + Honey sit in my hair for up to 10 minutes and then spraying wet curly hair with the new Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Multi-Action Leave-In Hydrate + Repair.

While both come from different brand families whose products work wonders for all hair types, these two are my personal favorite that I believe will wow those with coarse, low porosity coily hair similar to mine.

The Best Hair Oils You Have Never Heard Of Until Now

While we are still slumbering soundly in our coconut oil-fueled dreams of soft, long curls, there are a couple of fantastic hair oils Type 4s need in their caboodles, starting with Phyto Baobab Oil for Hair & Body. While some oils tend to be too heavy to seal ends with, this oil is perfect for both your curls and your body because it is so lightweight and quick absorbing. I highly recommend it.

Now, the one that surprises me the most, especially when wearing box braids and scalp-exposing protective styles, is made by a woman-owned, Black-owned brand that does not compromise on quality: Chocolate Kinks & Kurls.

My box braids were in their last week of cuteness before I needed to uninstall them, and I was losing my mind with the itchiness. Fortunately, I had the Chocolate Kinks & Kurls Lemon Rose Hair & Scalp Renew Oil on deck to sooth my embarrassingly dry scalp and natural hair. It smells like its name, but I would not mind if it were sold as a candle or in loose tea form because I want it in my life, all the time. I highly recommend this one, as well.

The Stylers You Didn't Know You Needed
The Mane Choice Pink Lemonade & Coconut Super Antioxidant & Texture Beautifier Mousse

Before joining the NaturallyCurly community, wearing my TWA with pride, and DIY-protective style sessions, I never entertained the idea of using mousse in my hair. Growing up and trying to navigate standards of "teen spirit" in the 90s, television commercials and magazine ads propped up mousse as a smooth applicating, stunning results-oriented product for straight, non-textured hair.

As fortune would have it, a curly girl-favorite brand has come along in 2018 to offer me an education in my self-professed curl enhancement x mousse-deficit: The Mane Choice.

Highlighting their new Pink Lemonade & Coconut Collection, I am heralding Super Antioxidant & Texture Beautifier Mousse as the one to beat in the competition of Type 4 curl pattern Picasso-level curl definition and superior moisture retention. Simple to scrunch, from ends up to the roots, into wet curls for a near effortless wash and go style, this mousse changed my perspective on what I thought was reserved for blowouts and wrapping relaxed hair.

Flora & Curl Flower Garden Styling Curl Butter Cream

After wash day, focusing on second-day hair and protective styling is a must for us with coils. To achieve soft curly hair, without going through several hours of wash day-style treatments and steams, gently coat your curls with a lightweight, nourishing hair butter. The one that has my curls feeling like a firm, down-stuffed pillow is Flora & Curl Flower Garden Styling Curl Butter Cream.


In addition to regular curl maintenance, I am recommending Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie to Type 4s that focus on protecting their ends with Bantu Knots, Two-Strand Twists, and Cornrows. The smoothie is absorbent and will not leave excessive product residue on hair strands, especially coarse, low-to-medium porosity curls.

Are you ready to try all 10 of these recommendations?

Great – I want to hear about it in the comments, friend. If you like this compilation of curly hair products that every Type 4 will be clamoring for this Spring 2018, share it with your curl friends and family!

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