Summer is upon us, and what better time than now to source for the perfect oil diffuser for your home? Here are ten brilliant oil diffusers that we absolutely love, and you should add to your list. According to experts, “Essential oils are a holistic way to address so many of the wellness issues that stem from the stress in our lives,” 


Antica Farmacista – Santorini

If you love your home to smell crisp, clean and fresh, then the Pura’s Santorini essential oil is the perfect fit for you. With the harmony  of fresh citrus notes and woody essences doubled sweet verbena and fresh vetiver, this sweet-smelling product is an excellent fit for anyone who loves citrusy smells.


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Rosemary Essential Oil

This 100% organic and therapeutic essential oil is perfect because of its gently soothing aroma and balanced vibe. For centuries, rosemary has been used for to promote wellness, digestion and organ function. Its refreshing scent also makes it an excellent aromatherapy.


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The Hotel

A modern blend of citrus and lavender. The Hotel is a fresh, clean fragrance that is reminiscent of clean bedsheets and blooming flowers on a breezy, summer day.


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This multi-purpose essential oil is your best bet if you are not a fan of harsh chemicals and overpowering essential oils. This item has a unique blend of Lemongrass, Rosemary, Lavender, Myrtle, Citronella, and Tea Tree essential oils that help to keep your home clean and smelling amazing.


Blush Rose

There is nothing as beautiful as the smell of sweet florals. Blush Rose is a scent that draws on the flavors of crisp, freshly-picked bergamot, pink pepper, and a bouquet of ever-growing flowers. If you love a good floral scent, try this!


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Sunshine Bloom

This is another product from Pura that is the ultimate summer scent. Sunshine Bloom consists of exciting notes and blends of balinese coconut, cashmere woods and jasmine petals. What is there not to love?


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Boost Your Energy

This oil diffuser by NEOM is the perfect tool to drive odors away while enjoying the vibrant smell throughout your home. This mood-altering essential oil is an amazing find. The fresh lemon and basil ingredients do an amazing job of invigorating the body and sharpening the mind.



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Wild Posy

This Wild Posy is the ultimate ode to the outgoing yet laidback chick. Unlike many essential oils, Wild Posy is not overwhelming or overpowering. With delicate notes of Geranium, Red Mandarin, and Patchouli, Wild Posy is an ultimate summery addition to your space.


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Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is the ultimate staple diffuser. With this essential oil, a little drop goes a long way and will fill your home with harmonious and vibrant notes.