As we spend the first few weeks in the new year, many of us are setting New Year's resolutions to work towards this year. As you embark on your individual journey to becoming your best self, here are 10 tips that you can apply to see all your goals through.

Don't Be Realistic: 

No, that was not a typo. The best way to reach your fullest potential and see how far you can go is to set goals for yourself that you suspect might go beyond your current abilities. This doesn't mean you have to work bomb yourself, but it simply goes with the 1% better everyday rule. If your new year's resolution was to read ten pages of a book every weekday before bed, try reading ten and a half for a week and see how it affects your time management and organization.

Use Vision Boards: 

A vision board is a fancy organizer that helps you visualize your goals. It's a fun arts and crafts project and a great way to unwind while planning your year out. A vision board is a pictorial bucket list, and by focusing on your goals and seeing them every day, you are constantly reminded of why you decided to make a change in the first place.


This is the part about vision boards that can often be forgotten. While vision boards help you see what you are working towards, timelines help you mobilize the resources to bring those things into existence. It would be very nice to stare at the money icon on the vision board and double your business sales, but that won't work. Visualize, strategize, and execute and watch things slowly fall into place.


People still make fun of new year's resolutions and the people who make them. Many times, friends or family members can carelessly throw jabs. Filtering out such negative comments will significantly impact your goals and your willingness to achieve them.

Moving In Silence: 

There is something powerful, mysterious, and respectable about making power moves in silence. Moving in silence helps you think through your plan carefully. It acts as a reminder that your goals are yours and not for the approval of others.

Be Realistic: 

Being realistic has more to do with your mindset and the aftermath of your goals. The truth remains that even when we have the best intentions of crushing goals and scaling heights, life can sometimes happen. So whatever the outcome of what your goals are, ensure that you are gentle with yourself. If, at a certain point, you notice that you are not where you need to be because life got in the way, be realistic, take a step back and reconsider.


Nothing is wrong with evaluating your past goals to identify things that have hindered you from crushing your goals in the past. What are some of the habits that got in the way of your 2021 resolutions? Was it procrastination? Were you work bombing yourself to the point of exhaustion? Answer these questions honestly and apply them to your 2022 action plan.

Divide and Conquer: 

Crushing your goals will be easier if you check in with yourself regularly rather than doing so at once at the end of the year. Make quarterly goals and aim to achieve them.

Time Frames: 

Rather than giving yourself a hard deadline for the achievements you want, set firm but flexible time frames for yourself. That way, you can avoid beating yourself up if you don't meet your goals on time.


Get ready for your goals to change dramatically over the course of one year. They may not be the perfect blueprint of what you have in your mind, and as you progress and change as a person in one year, you might see that your motives may change as well. Come to terms with that and keep an open mind.


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