Modern motherhood is so much more than immaculate social media feeds. It's conscious parenting, intentional living, and staying woke (not just for ourselves but) in an effort to equip the next generation. And now more than ever it's important we pass these ideas to our children and show them better ways of living and how to vibrate higher. It's important to show them new ways to overcome the statistics and live longer and with immense purpose.

Whether it simply be through embracing self-love and their blackness, to minimalism, veganism or alternative forms of education, these mamas are intentionally and beautifully blazing trails in these directions. Do yourself a favor, follow along, and if at all possible, follow suit.


The NY mom, content creator and digital storyteller behind 'Vegans Taste Better,' is known on Instagram as MyEpiphany. She's a wiz at cooking up vegan-friendly meals for her toddler and is committed to raising him in a health-conscious lifestyle. And she's proof that it's totally possible.


Ashley Chea is an Author (Beautiful, Beautiful Me), creative and mommy blogger who home-schools her two daughters. (She also has one on the way!). She's taking the reigns of her daughters' education, and her Instagram is a source of Interracial marriage and parenting inspiration, as well as healthy eating and simple living.


Brandi Sellers-Jackson is committed to removing the stigma surrounding women's issues (such as miscarriage and what happens after birth) with her digital platform 'Not So Private Parts.' She's a mom, wife, doula and certified baby-wearing educator.  


Shah is a mom, wife, community builder and co-founder of Boss Mom Nation, a community of women dedicated to empowering mothers to do great things along with being active and conscious parents. 


Dana Ferrer is a "Ghana girl," wife and mama. Her viral blogging journey began after her miracle baby girl was born at 28 weeks of gestation in 2015. She currently uses her social media platform to chronicle her intentional living as a military wife, veganism and self-love.  


Brandi Wells is an MSW (Master of Social Work) and LISW (Child Therapist). She brings this unique perspective to raising her three daughters along with her lawyer husband in Ohio. She takes hands-on parenting seriously, but purposes to make it a lot of fun! She shares creative ways to engage and inspire her children through sports, activities, reading and art.


LaTonya is a visual storyteller, blogger and mom. Her website and Instagram are filled to the brim with style and NY home decor inspiration. She also talks candidly about topics such as activism, racism and self-love.  


Olivia is the Mommy, YouTuber and Doula behind @HerholisticPath, a holistic and DIY approach to health, childbirth, motherhood and postpartum care. 


Samantha Sophia is a Florida native who currently resides in California. She's a modern and working mom who blogs about consciously exposing her children to art, reading, technology and science-fiction. She's also the creator of Sisterlocked (a website that promotes green living, skin care and loc care.)


Alex Elle is a wife, mother, blogger, author (Neon Soul) and intentional liver. Her podcast, 'HeyGirl' interviews women of color on a variety of topics such as entrepreneurship, minimalism, mental health, activism and wellness (to name a few).