You're not alone if you've been struggling to keep a consistent workout schedule. Whether you've worked out consistently in the past or not, creating a new habit isn't an easy task. If you've found working out to be difficult, try any of these 11 hacks to make your journey to better health just a little bit sweeter:

1. Create a reward system for yourself

Maybe your reward is that every "x" amount of times you go to the gym, you can eat Popeye’s. Perhaps it’s that every few pounds you lose, you can buy a new purse or piece of jewelry. Whatever it is, it’s never a bad idea to motivate yourself.

2. Change up your workout routine every day


You’ve been doing 50 squats every morning and night and running two miles at the gym for the past two weeks. Of course you’re going to get bored with your workout. Do your body a favor and challenge it by going the distance with a new routine.

3. Watch TV or a movie while working out

If you’re a career binge-watcher, you can waste more time than you realize watching TV. Take control of your obsessive habit by integrating it into your workout.

4. Use the time to learn something new


Kill two birds with one stone by getting your mind and body right. Watch a TED Talk or listen to a podcast to take the focus off of your workout.

5. Make it a family effort 


Everybody loves a little bit of friendly competition. Whether it’s seeing who can run the most miles or who can knock off the most weight, it’s always great to have someone else motivate you to push harder.

6. Use your bedroom or living room as a gym

The hardest part of going to the gym is getting to the gym. Why not bring the gym to you? Buy a yoga mat, pull up a YouTube workout video on your laptop and get to work.

7. Join a club sport


Is there a sport that you used to love playing in high school? Reignite that passion by joining a local club team for adults.

8. Add motivational pictures to your mirror

Re-inforce your fitness goals by seeing them when you wake up in the morning. It’ll be a lot harder to forget to go to the gym if there’s a reminder in your face every day.

9. Download a new workout app


Workout apps provide great motivation. Some even offer financial incentives. Need we say more?

10. Listen to a different playlist every time

Tired of listening to your standard workout playlist? Switch it up by trying a new genre of music by searching workout playlists on your music streaming app.

11. Realize that working out doesn’t only mean cardio


We often get caught up thinking that working out means running. It doesn’t. You don’t have to run a 10-minute mile to be fit. Explore different workout classes and choose what’s best for you. A better, healthier you should always be the motive, no matter the workout plan.